How To Get Rid Of Stinky Marine Heads

Marine Head MaintenanceStinky marine heads and holding tanks, is one of THE most discussed subjects amongst cruisers. Marine toilets need not stink, but they often do and it can drive one crazy. The maintenance and cleaning of toilets and holding tanks onboard have wide ranging solutions, of which we have probably tried almost every one of them out there!

We have a pretty good solution that works on our own boat. Fresh water flush, regular cleaning of the discharge hoses with vinegar and lubrication with oil, has effectively fixed the problem for us. Practical Sailor also has some products and solutions that we intend to give a try and BoatUS give us some great tips for toilet maintenance.

We would love to hear your own solutions for a fresh and clean smelling marine head!

Need A Rigid Hardtop Bimini For Your Catamaran?

custom Bimini hardtop for catamaransDedicated Marine, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale can custom-make a rigid hardtop Bimini for you! A life-long sailor with solid credentials in boat-building and repair, Chris Spencer recognized a gap in the marine industry for hardtop biminis. Most production catamarans do not come with a hardtop bimini and is a very expensive option. Chris figured out how to fit good quality biminis aftermarket at a reasonable price. He set about to developing a line of hardtop biminis for several catamaran brands and models and is now the premier bimini go-to guy.

The recent offering from Chris for the Lagoon Flybridge Catamarans not only provides necessary weather protection but also safe access to the high boom. The biminis make it easy to add functional options such as the increasingly popular solar panels and bimini enclosures. Dedicated Marine's aftermarket products are in-line with the high quality of the boats and is designed to enhance the already well-appointed catamarans. Clients globally head to Dedicated Marine to complete their catamarans whether for circumnavigation, charter, living aboard or just some well-deserved limin’.

Electric Winch Conversion Tips

Electric winches on board sailboats are becoming increasingly popular. It makes shorthanded sailing much easier and allows a crewmember to hoist and trim any size sail in all kinds of conditions with a simple push of a button. With more and more larger sailboats being used for liveaboard, cruising, and weekend sailing, the sails are also bigger. An electric power winch enables any crew regardless of strength abilities, size, or physical condition to perform the strenuous tasks required to sail a bigger catamaran efficiently and safely.

An electric winch makes high-load jobs easier such as hoisting the mainsail when sailing short-handed. It allows you to look up at the main whilst hoisting it to make sure there are no snags or hold-ups. We are converts! When we bought "Zuri", our new Lagoon 450S, we decided an electric wince was an expense that was well worth the cost. In the video at left, Tech Team member, Craig Blazer from Harken, shows us how easy it is to upgrade your Harken Radial winches to electric powered.

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How A Marine Diesel Engine Works

DieselengineThis is a super cool demonstration by Ranger Hope of how a marine diesel engine works! Click on this link to see it in action. We are not diesel engine specialists, but we have maintained and repaired our own engines in our various boats over the years and have dealt with most issues. 

Problems with diesel engines are usually relatively simple and with a little regular preventative maintenance one can avoid the need for repairs at sea. But to be able to affect even basic repairs, you have to understand how the diesel engine works. This diagram here is a great demo of how a diesel engine works but we recommend you do some classes with your local engine dealer to learn how to deal with basic issues. It will save you a lot of dollars and headaches! Here's some  further reading.

The Magic Of Selecting LED Fixtures

This is Part 2 of a great article on LED lights by our good friend and genius tech guy, Michael Blake at Palladium Technologies.

What Constitutes A Good LED Fixture

In my previous article I discussed the Facts and Myths of LED lights, which brings us to the stage of revealing the magic to selecting the correct fixtures. I use the word magic only because there seems to be so much confusion regarding what constitutes a good LED fixture, it must be either luck or magic when there is a successful implementation of LED lights. Much of my discussion will center on the traditional down light of which hundreds can be found on our today’s yachts. These can be used for general illumination, lighting specific artwork on the yacht, or special purposes, such as night illumination on the bridge. I will now unveil those items from my magic cape, which I feel are critical to achieving an acceptable, LED upgrade or new build installation. For ease of comprehension, I have broken these items into categories, in general order of importance, but as you will read all can be quite important.

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