Shared Yacht Ownership Done Right!

Ownership Redefined For The Sharing Community!Fractional yacht shares Imagine owning and sailing your own luxury catamaran for less than 20% of what conventional yacht ownership or bareboat charter would usually cost you! 

That is exactly what this program is designed to do. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership for a fraction of the cost of conventional ownership. Shared yacht ownership is exactly what it sounds like—you buy a share or fraction of a yacht.

It is not a time-share where you only purchase the rights of usage for a certain amount of time and end up with nothing when the term expires. With shared ownership you legally own the fraction of the asset and hold the title to the yacht.

Investing in a yacht fraction not only substantially reduces the upfront funds required, but also ongoing operational expenses such as yacht repairs and refits, mooring fees, and insurance. Risks and annoying details that come with ownership of an entire yacht are greatly minimized, if not eliminated. Each owner may use his or her share of the yacht according to the terms of each syndicate agreement. We discuss the key points of the program below.

Key Points Of Our Shared Yacht Ownership Program

  • Fully Equipped Catamaran Models:  Lagoon | Fountaine Pajot | Bali | Nautitech
  • Average Cost Per Week To Owners Can Be As Low As $2,500.00
  • No Operating Or Scheduled Maintenance Costs To The Owners
  • Owner Use Of Up To 8 Weeks
  • Recover Up To 50% Of Your Initial Investment With Sale Of Yacht At End Of Program
  • Professionally Managed Yachts For Hassle-Free Owner Use
  • Conveniently Located In Fort Lauderdale For Easy Access To Bahamas & Florida Keys

Sharing Is The New Owning! Yacht Shares Facts & Figures: Cost Of Yacht Share Ownership>>

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