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Today, Catamaran Guru™ is the number one go-to company for the catamaran buyers, sellers, and owners. We are completely yacht and charter program brand independent. We can offer you the best boat and program for you and give you honest insight into boat ownership whether you are a charter yacht owner, yacht business owner, weekender, or liveaboard.

The Catamaran Gurus, Stephen and Estelle Cockcroft, and their brokerage staff are experienced yacht brokers and live-aboard catamaran owners. They have the experience to help you realize your cruising dreams safely and comfortably while maintaining more of your investment.

Catamaran Guru Crew Stephen and Estelle

Whether you are or want to be a liveaboard cruiser looking for a well-priced, well-equipped catamaran or want to reduce cost of ownership by placing your catamaran in a charter fleet, we have the expertise and industry connections to help you. We have countless happy boat owners in our catamaran community and welcome you to join!

The Catamaran Guru Story

zuri christening with owners stephen and estelle cockcroft

We began like most of our clients…with a dream! Then as we figured out the best way (and lots of not-so-great) ways to make our live-aboard boat ownership and lifestyle come to life, friends, clients, and colleagues insisted that we share what we learned. And Catamaran Guru was born.

As we share our story and insider information, we hope to entertain, but also to encourage and educate all the sailing dreamers and planners out there.

We have owned eight (and counting…) yachts (monohulls and catamarans) during our sailing career and have sailed 70,000+ miles in different parts of the world. Our story starts in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa. With the same feeling of ‘wanderlust’ and a dream of traveling around the world, there was only one thing for us to do…make the dream a reality!

our founders: Stephen & Estelle

We are Stephen & Estelle. Decades ago, in a friend’s backyard in Cape Town, South Africa, we built our first boat in a friend’s backyard and then in 1992, became liveaboards overcoming a steep learning curve to sail the world. Discovering new places, meeting extraordinary people, and enjoying unique experiences was fun, not work! We’ve co-owned a catamaran manufacturer, consulted with catamaran manufacturers, managed charter companies, been yacht brokers, taught sailing, owned a sailing school, and more. These experiences and living aboard have taught us important lessons that we happily share with fellow sailors and yacht owners like you.

Stephen Estelle catamaran guru

Being successful catamaran broker-consultants isn’t just business, it’s our lifestyle. 

Stephen Cockcroft has been sailing since 1975. Over the years, he has influenced and consulted in many aspects of the sailing industry. He is formerly from South Africa where he built his first ocean-going yacht in a friend’s backyard. This DIY sailboat project set him on a course to sail it 30,000 NM ending up in the USA where he now resides and is a proud citizen.

Estelle Cockcroft also a South African native has lived aboard with Stephen since 1992 traveling the globe. Her love of travel and adventure fostered the bravery she needed to climb aboard their first boat to sail across oceans with basically no sailing experience. She is the best advisor for those that love the idea of sailing the ocean blue but never have done it. Her travel writing, galley cooking, previous fashion design experience, and back-office yacht brokerage expertise make the Catamaran Guru website a true sailing lifestyle journal.

Our Team

Our Yacht Brokers

Catamaran Guru is a team of professionals and custom-make yacht ownership to meet the needs of our clients. We all live the lifestyle we sell. Our brokers don’t just excel at buying and selling catamarans, they live the lifestyle. Each of our brokers have been a part of the Catamaran Guru community for years and:
  • Are boat owners themselves and have lived aboard or have done extensive sailing.
  • They have a broad technical knowledge of catamarans in general and do sail training and train new boat owners on their own catamarans.
  • Are a highly experienced and enthusiastic team!


Catamaran Guru Graduates & Clients

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