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We are very proud of our team of catamaran brokers! We have carefully selected each one of these guys over the course of several years.

  • Each one of our brokers are boat owners themselves, have lived aboard, or sailed extensively.
  • They have a broad technical knowledge of catamarans in general and do sail training and train new boat owners on their own catamarans.
  • We are a highly experienced and enthusiastic team!

thea koshman yacht broker catamaran guru

Thea Koshman / Yacht Broker​

Thea’s legal career, love of sailing, and liveaboard experience make her a yacht broker you want on your side. She can help you find the boat that fits your needs and your financial goals and guide you confidently through negotiating price and terms and completing the yacht-buying process. Work with Thea to start the journey to making your yacht dreams come true. It is easier than you think.
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Email: thea@catamaranguru.com  |  PH: 808-518-9655

Terry Singh / Yacht Broker​

Terry’s passion for sailing and boats is infectious and his knowledge is extensive! He can help you find the boat that fits your needs and your financial goals. Not only does Terry guide you confidently through negotiating price and terms and completing the yacht-buying process, he also invites future liveaboards to join him on his own catamaran to experience the lifestyle. Work with Terry to start the journey to making your yacht dreams come true. It is easier than you think!
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Email: terry@catamaranguru.com | PH: 720-471-0887
Cynthia Wummer florida yacht broker for catamaran guru

Cynthia Wummer / Yacht Broker​

Cynthia delivers lasting value for her clients as a genuine sailboat specialist. Her vast racing and cruising resumé bears a depth of knowledge that creates a winning connection. Cynthia says, “Some people come to the buying process with next-to-no experience, while others are extremely qualified cruisers looking for their next-level boat. Having a broad spectrum of experience helps me draw out and achieve all the finer points of what my clients are looking for.”
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Email: cynthia@catamaranguru.com | PH: 1-954-609-0357

dave king yacht broker at catamaran guru

Dave King / Yacht Broker​

Dave King’s marine career and liveaboard experience make him a helpful yacht broker. Having moved to living aboard twice now, he knows what is important when choosing a boat no matter your purpose. Work with him to make your yacht dreams come true with the right boat for your plans and an ownership program that suits your goals and situation.
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Email: dave@catamaranguru.com | PH: 253-509-3819
martin cooper yacht broker

Martin Cooper / Yacht Broker​

Martin has boated for 50+ years starting in a 9 ft sailing dink followed by Enterprise yachts, a Pearson 424, Lagoon 410, and now a Lagoon 450F. Born in England, Martin’s passion for flying turned into a career with British Airways. He moved to the US in 1987 as a pilot. Experience includes flying a Global Express corporate jet worldwide with all the expected excitement of flying celebrities and even ex-presidents as he traveled the world.
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Email: martin@catamaranguru.com | PH: 561-310-7489
ian martin yacht broker for catamaran guru

Ian Martin / Yacht Broker​

Ian Martin’s sailing and racing adventures are well known from South Africa to the Caribbean. He set transatlantic and round-the-world records. He currently lives in Sint Maarten where he owns and operates two charter catamarans and is a certified surveyor. His broad knowledge of sailing boats can be used to your advantage when you work with him as a buyers’ or sellers’ agent.
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Email: ian@catamaranguru.com | PH: 721-556-4128

Nick Shields / Yacht Broker​

Nick’s introduction to boating began early with his father, an avid boater and fisherman. As he grew, so did his love for the sea and boating. After graduating college with a degree in Oceanographic Technologies/Marine Engineering, Nick’s 40-year career took him all over the world in several areas of the marine industry. His extensive experience on vessels engaged in oil & gas exploration, satellite communications, civil/marine engineering as well as cruise/ferry and commercial maritime provides a professional depth of experience. Read more: Nick Shields, Yacht Broker
Email: nick@catamaranguru.com | PH: 346-773-6251
Jeff Riecks Catamaran Guru Yacht Sales

Jeff Riecks / Yacht Broker​

Jeff is a licensed Florida yacht salesperson and an excellent, accomplished sailing instructor. Prior to becoming a professional mariner, Jeff spent 18 years as an engineer and program manager in the government electronics, logistics, and commercial information technology industries. As a liveaboard and sailing instructor, Jeff’s  unique point of view helps to quickly assess what a client needs in boat size and features. Read more: Jeff Riecks, Yacht Broker.
Email: jeff@catamaranguru.com | PH: 443-617-4876


We Are Very Proud Of The Work That Our Team Has Done For Our Catamaran Buyers And Seaschool Students!
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