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Our South Florida Catamaran Guru sailing school is one of a very small handful of sailing instruction facilities that offers the globally recognized RYA sailing courses and ICC Certification which we compared to ASA courses for you. RYA certifications are internationally recognized and are best for sailors who plan to explore international waters. And, our hands-on sailing instruction is offered aboard a 2021 Bali 4.2 or a Catana OC 50 performance catamaran ensuring the boat systems and electronics you learn on are state-of-the-art and similar to what most of our new boat owners will be buying and sailing. 


Catamaran Guru offers both ASA and RYA courses in different locations. However, the RYA courses are internationally recognized and is best if you want to sail abroad.

Our sailing school offers RYA sailing courses, catamaran orientation aboard your own boat, and blue-water cruising classes to the Bahamas and Florida Keys. A weeklong liveaboard sailing school is invaluable for anyone who plans to own their own boat, but especially those who plan to be full-time cruisers. During these hands-on sailing experiences, your seaschool instructor combines our real-life practical methods with the most up-to-date sailing theory lessons on board. These experiences led by Yacht Master and broker, Steele Greyling or Yacht Master, Matthew Joubert set you up to enjoy a stress-free cruising lifestyle. 

**Bali 4.2 Classes available NOW. See booking schedule below.  Schedule will be updated shortly. If you need info or want to place your name on the list CONTACT US!

Your RYA Instructors

Steele Greyling

Steele Greyling Yacht Broker and RYA Sailing Instructor

Steele Greyling, a South African native, is an exceptionally experienced instructor providing catamaran sailing lessons, RYA sailing certification training, and ICC certificate exams. Steele, also, adeptly orients owners to their own catamarans teaching them boat systems and electronics aboard the very vessel they will cruise or liveaboard. In addition to living aboard Jelly Blue, his family’s Island Spirit 40, since a young child, Steele’s yachting qualifications include:

  • RYA Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean
  • RYA Yachtmaster Instructor
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 Instructor
  • SAS Commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Coastal for Power and Sail

Matthew Joubert

matthew joubert. catamaran guru rya sailing instructor with photo of bali 4.3

Matthew Joubert, a South African native, has wide interests include fitness, sailing, backpacking, SCUBA, fishing, and water sports of all kinds. His early career as a dive master led him to sailing when he joined a South Africa to Fort Lauderdale delivery. Soon he worked aboard crewed charter yachts working his way from dive master/spear-fishing guide to first mate and captain. Matthew’s certifications:

  • RYA Yacht Master Offshore
  • RYA Cruising Instructor Tender maneuvering
  • STCW’ 95 Instructing
  • RYA Power Boat Level ll Basic carpentry
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor
  • PADI Dive Master Management

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Sailing Courses & Owner Orientation Classes

Bali 4.2 Sailing Instruction

  • Week-long live-aboard sailing orientation:
    • $3500 per person (master cabin)
    • $3100 per person double stateroom, double occupancy
    • $4,900 per person single occupancy.
  • ICC (International Certificate of Competency) One-Day Exam @ $600 per person, minimum 4 people per day
  • 3-day Boat Owner Orientation Course @ $500 per person per day, minimum 2 people
  • Week-long live-aboard RYA
    • $3100 per person double stateroom, double occupancy.
    • $4,900 per person single occupancy.

Catana 50 OC Sailing Orientation Classes

  • Week-long live-aboard PERFORMANCE sailing orientation on our Catana 50 OC:
    • $7,300 per person (master cabin)
    • $6,700 per person double stateroom, double occupancy.
    • $10,000 per person, single occupancy, minimum 2 people.

Book Your Sailing Course

Below these instructions are the courses the Sailing Academy is offering. See our course prices and descriptions here.

  1. For the course of interest (in picture gallery below – Competent Crew, Day Skipper or ICC Certifcation), click its “Book” button. 
  2. Once the calendar opens up, choose the month you prefer. Look for GREEN DATES as they are the start of AVAILABLE CLASS SLOTS.
  3. Click on the green date then choose your cabin type:  owner’s cabin, double cabin, or single occupant.
  4. Note that Bahamas courses are subject to favorable conditions. Typically the classes are done in Florida unless otherwise notified. Please discuss with us before you book if you have questions.

Sample Week-Long Sail Itinerary

This is a sample itinerary for our week-long Fort Lauderdale course. Your particular week may differ and be adjusted depending on weather and captain’s discretion. This itinerary is not guaranteed. Read about some of our own adventures exploring the Florida Keys and Bimini Island, Hemingway’s islands in the stream.

SATURDAY, you will board your boat at 3pm and get started with orientation, provisioning, boat systems, and safety. You will stay at the marina Saturday evening, dinner is not included Saturday. 

SUNDAY morning, you will have a couple hours of academic instruction before starting sailing. Heading out from the marina you travel down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Port Everglades and then on to the Atlantic Ocean. Traveling on the ICW will give you a practical demonstration and practice with Rules of the Road, Lights and Shapes, draw bridge procedures, and proper VHF radio operation. From Port Everglades the boat will head south, with this day’s destination of Miami/northern Biscayne Bay, typically somewhere in the Key Biscayne area. Anchor is down in the late afternoon and you are free to swim, study, read, or otherwise relax. One of the students will have chef’s duty with another on galley duty. This will change each day.

MONDAY, while having coffee and breakfast, you will check the weather, look at the chart, and plot the course for the day, noting any hazards to be aware of. After an engine check and some class time sailing will commence. Lots of sailing drills: tacking, jibbing, Crew Overboard maneuvers. Lunch will be either underway or dropped anchor for a short break.

This day’s destination is the Elliott Key area. Anchor down in mid to late afternoon, furl the sails and coil the lines, then swim before dinner.

TUESDAY morning, after breakfast and morning routine, more sailing and drills, ending up in the southern Biscayne Bay/Card Sound/Barnes Sound area for the evening.

WEDNESDAY you will start to retrace your route, heading back to Noname Harbor and practice docking then on to northern Biscayne Bay anchoring off Key Biscayne Bay or Virginia Key.

THURSDAY morning, you will head back onto the Atlantic Ocean for the sail back to Ft Lauderdale. Depending on the weather (as always) you may be able to get out into the Gulf Stream, picking up a couple knots of boat speed and making a quick sail up the coast. But if the wind is from the north the sail will stay close to shore as you make your way to windward. Pull back into our marina in Hollywood in the mid to late afternoon.

FRIDAY morning will be the final review and test, if applicable. The instructor will review your tests and sign your logbooks. Boat clean-up, showers, and you will be done in the early afternoon, usually noon – 1pm but no later than 3pm.

what to expect


The Catamaran Guru base is in Loggerhead Marina, 1400 Marina Drive, Hollywood, FL 33109. We are about 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Arrival Arrangements: Boarding is at 3pm on your start date. The Sailing School catamaran is called “Akani” a Bali 4.2 on slip 401. If you have luggage to be stowed, you are welcome to leave it at our office while the boat is being cleaned and prepared for your school.


All meals provided from Sunday morning to Friday lunch. Most dietary requirements can be accommodated. Note that as part of your education, you will do the cooking. Catamaran Guru provisions the boat; you will stow it away. Adult beverages are not included. Please supply your own. No cocktails before the anchor goes down!


This is an all-inclusive sailing school. Accommodation, food, and course materials are included. No taxes, marinas fees, or cruising permits are included.



See suggested itinerary above. IMPORTANT PRIOR TO BOARDING: Prior to arrival, you are required to sign up and register with the RYA and complete the theory course online if applicable. Please check with your instructor what course you will sign up for and what is required for 

  • Competent Crew course: The Competent Crew course introduces the complete beginner to cruising and teaches personal safety, seamanship and helmsmanship to the level required to be a useful member of crew of a cruising yacht.
  • Day Skipper Course: The Day Skipper course teaches pilotage, navigation, seamanship and boat handling up to the required standard to skipper a small cruising yacht safely by day in tidal waters with which the student is familiar.

Please provide 1 x Color ID photo (with your name on the back of each photo).***Note that dates are subject to change due to weather**

GENERAL INFORMATION: What you need to bring with you

  • Suitable clothing – layers are a good idea, T- Shirts, sun shirts / rashguards, swimsuit, shorts, windbreaker, warm jumper, trainers etc
  • Sunscreen, hats/caps
  • Weatherproof jacket
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Extra money for food & beverages for your off-boat dinner or lunch days
  • If you prefer your own snorkel gear, please bring that along, otherwise we have some available onboard

Please read Catamaran Guru Sailing School Terms and Conditions.

Got Questions? Contact Steele Greyling

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