McConaghy Multihulls

mcconaghy mc75 luxury yacht closeup

About McConaghy Multihulls

McConaghy has spent decades designing for the most demanding customers and conditions. McConaghy is a premier custom builder bringing a talented team of engineers and designers into multihulls to set the bar for high-performance cruising catamarans. 

McConaghy Catamaran Models

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Catamaran Guru can represent you in the buying process of a McConaghy high performance multihull. Being represented by a professional yacht brokerage house does not cost you, the buyer, anything.

Be sure someone is at the helm with you as you embark upon the boat buying process.

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Charter Programs & Tax Programs

Catamarans have become so popular in the last 2 decades that the demand far outweighs the supply. Catamarans retain their value far better and for far longer than monohulls. And new catamarans are becoming more expensive.

We constantly work to find ways to reduce the cost of yacht ownership for our clients. Learn about our charter yacht management programs and boat as a business programs.

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