Buying An ex-Charter Yacht: What You Need to Know

buying ex-charter yachts like this lagoon is a good investment for most

Will Bruton writing for Yachting World gathered different points of view to offer good advice to those considering buying an ex-charter yacht.

For this article, he interviewed Stephen & Estelle as well as a boat delivery expert who frequently delivers ex-charter yachts and an ex-charter yacht owner to give insight to what to consider if you want to buy an ex-charter yacht. 


Key Takeaways for Buying an Ex-Charter Yacht

  • Understand how the charter industry works to better understand what you are and are not getting.
  • Get an independent boat survey before buying.
  • Boat age directly affects the quality of the boat you will receive no matter the maintenance schedule.
  • If you have done your due diligence and managed your expectations, buying an ex-charter yacht is a good investment.

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