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From your yacht purchase to after-sales support and community involvement, we set the standard. Our focus is on delivering a quality ownership experience to our boat owners. We are with you from time of purchase to delivery to after-sales support through charter management, education and sailing community events.

Our decades of experience and industry-wide relationships with boat builders, designers, and boutique charter operations, benefits our boat owners all at no additional cost to them. During a discovery conversation we find out what you want in a boat, how you want to use your boat, and your financial and personal goals.

We offer you benchmarked pro forma proposals with the charter fleet(s) that fit your goals and exit strategy…yes, we help you ensure you have an exit strategy. We deliver expert advice to clarify your options and reduce investment risks. 

We help you find the boat and the ownership program as well as introduce you to a wide variety of resources such as marine finance, yacht insurance, surveyors, accountants, marketing specialists, and more. 

We work with major manufacturers like Bali, Catana, Lagoon and others, so you are never forced into a brand that you do not prefer.

We are Authorized dealers for Catana & Bali Catamarans

As one of the top-selling dealers for Bali Catamarans in the world and a proud dealer of Catana Performance Catamarans, we provide  resources that can help reduce the costs of ownership through our affiliations with boutique charter companies across the globe. We have dealerships and services centers in Florida, Texas, Caribbean, Annapolis and Midatlantic.


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So, why would you choose to place your luxury yacht with a boutique charter company rather than a multi national? The answer is simple. QUALITY! There is simply no substitute for smaller fleets where a boat owner is not just a number but rather a valued partner to the charter company. Here are some pros and cons of both models. You will see that the pros far outweigh the cons for a smaller fleet.

Our charter partners all have long track records of exemplary service and have stellar reputations amongst their charter guests and boat owners.

Their reputations convinced us that they not only will take care of the boat owners we introduce to them but will also deliver on the projected charter revenues and expectations, which is important.

These alliances create a much more personalized experience and a more controlled environment for our boat owners to operate within. Owners in these smaller owner-operated fleets are generally happier and will fetch a much higher re-sale value for their boats because the boats are well cared for. Boat owners do not feel like they are simply a number like they would at one of the huge charter companies. 

Customized Charter Management Options

Have you found that standard yacht charter ownership programs from the bigger charter operators are not ideal for what you want? Catamaran Guru has worked with a wide variety of operators, not just the “big guys”. Our boutique charter fleet operators are more flexible and many of our clients find their offers irresistible. 

Our unique programs offer the proven charter ownership programs with customization to your needs and desires. Same great reduction of yacht ownership costs with benefits that you want. 

Charter companies entice boat buyers into charter management programs with promises and sell it as the most cost effective way to own the yacht. They promise  worry-free ownership with no hassles or expenses of traditional yacht ownership. Well, we have tested this theory. Is this possible? Yes, it can be, IF you do it right and you partner with the right charter company. We have personally owned yachts in these charter programs, we have done the research, collected the data and have made all this information available to you in these CG pages. Read about some of these programs i.e.

  • Boat as a Business Program This program use the yacht charter revenue together with the business tax deductions to reduce the costs of owning a very nice yacht that we enjoy now
  • Crewed Charter Programs We have helped more than 100+ owners set up their businesses in luxury boutique charter companies with exceptional service
  • Fractional Programs Our innovative fractional shared yacht ownership programs provide you with a financially savvy solution to yacht ownership that is ideal for your active lifestyle.

Our After Sales Service is superior

Our after sales service, technical and warranty support sets an industry standard! Your catamaran warranty and boat maintenance records are available 24/7 on an owner dashboard to ensure 100% transparency, unlike any other in the industry.

We maintain a customer support system to address any emergencies or inquiries promptly to make sure our boat owners feel supported whenever they need assistance.


RYA Sailing Academy in Florida

We provide quality sailing education for our boat owners as well as all newcomers to the community. We offer RYA (Royal Yachting Association) courses, an internationally recognized education onboard Akani, our Bali 4.2 catamaran.

These are weeklong live aboard courses as well as the ICC Certifications, are life changing for some students. Our goal is always to help each student become a competent and confident sailor! Learn about our weeklong live aboard courses as well as the ICC Certification.

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Why choose Catamaran Guru

The Catamaran Guru team do a phenomenal job for our customers and has received scores of wonderful testimonials and 5-star reviews. Our super star team really shine with their positive mind set and we pride ourselves on being the “Can-Do Company”, leading in customer service and community involvement. Read Our Testimonials here>>

Confidently Make Better Decisions

Whether a newcomer to yacht ownership or an “old salt” boat owner ready to upgrade, we give you the latest trends and possibilities in the charter management market. Through our comprehensive conversations, you empower yourself to discern what boats and programs are right for you. Questions? We have answers. 

Yacht Market Intelligence

Our decades-long relationship with boat builders and charter operators give you the best chance of finding good deals when they become available. Catamarans’ popularity keep their value high which is great once you own a boat, but when buying, can be discouraging. We share our market intelligence with you to help you time the market, take advantage of builder offers, and so much more. 

Access to Support Throughout the Process

We not only guide you through the process of finding the right boat and ownership program for you, but we are there throughout the entire purchasing process. Boat documentation and financing can be challenging with so many requirements with consequences for missing them. But we have the tools, experience, and staff to keep you on track from selection to delivery to warranty and upgrade work. 

Our Boutique Yacht Charter Partners 

Our exclusive partnerships with select charter operators in the most popular sailing destinations give you so many options. The smaller fleets offer opportunities to customize your ownership program in ways the major charter operators cannot match. We personally vet and know the ownership of the charter operations. 

Bespoke Consulting

Our experienced yacht buyers’ brokerage team delivers knowledge and peace of mind to you using its collective power of technical knowledge, personal liveaboard and cruising experience, access to legal, financial, and tax advice, and its deep marine industry insight. From helping you to better understand what you really need to structured comparisons of boats and programs to competent management of the purchasing process, we make buying your dream boat less risky and more fun.

Customized Yacht Ownership

You are not a cookie! So don’t accept cookie cutter yacht ownership programs. We help you not only cut through the jargon and understand what is important for your financials and boat-usage goals, we also help you negotiate with the charter fleet operators to create the best plan for you.

Our focus is on delivering a quality ownership experience to our boat owners. We are with you from time of purchase to delivery to after-sales support through charter management and sailing and yacht ownership community involvement. The most exciting part of CG is seeing people from all walks of life come together and celebrate our love of sailing and boats. We love sharing the special and exciting stories of our team members and our wonderful CG fans; we hope you check it out while you browse our site and thank you for being part of this “special kind of magic”!
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