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Have questions about putting a boat into crewed charter? Check out this informal chat with some of our crewed yacht owners, including Greg from Dream Caribbean Blue. Greg, a self managed owner with an employed crew of Belle Vie, a Bali 4.8 Catamaran. This is a fabulous and exclusive creed charter that offers exotic destinations, gourmet food, tons of adventure and more! Learn more about this charter here:

Also see some of our most frequently asked questions about our Crewed Charter Program below. 

1.)    What type of yachts are best for crewed charter?

Catamarans generally 45 feet or longer are best for crewed charter with at least 4 cabins. The most commonly requested charters are for groups of 6-8. The yachts need to be well equipped with Air conditioning and a large dinghy 

2.)    What do you look for in a crewed yacht?

 When you consider purchasing a yacht for crewed charter, you’ll want to make sure you have enough cabins to support the guests and the crew. You will likely want to add as many upgrades as possible. The idea in crewed charter is to create a luxurious floating boutique hotel. You’ll want to make sure the yacht is outfitted with a generator, aircons, water maker, and wired for additional appliances such a ice maker, TV, additional fridge/freezer, possible dishwasher. Some crewed yachts also outfit the cabins with TVs and outlets in the heads. You will want to make sure you have fresh water heads with electric flush, and dry showers if possible. Also the ability to control the thermostat within each cabin is increasingly becoming popular and more frequently requested for charters.

4.)    What does the standard crewed charter include?

Crewed charters are all-inclusive and the charter rate includes everything except gratuity for the crew in which the industry standard is 15-20% of the charter rate. This includes gourmet meals daily, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, water toys, fuel, moorings, ice, trash, customs and clearance fees.

5.)    Where can the yacht be based?

The strongest demand for crewed charters is in the Caribbean, more specifically in the British Virgin Islands. If looking to be based in the Virgin Islands, we recommend basing out of St. Thomas, USVI. The yacht can be based out of St. Thomas and still offer a BVI itinerary in addition to offering an overnight on St. John. Many yachts will base in the Virgin Islands during the high season and take the yacht down island to Grenada offering summer charters in the Grenadines.

6.)    How many crew are on board?

Typically you will have two crew on board – the Captain and the Chef/Mate. If your yacht accommodates 10 or more guests, we recommend having a third crew member. This third crew acts as a deckhand/steward/stewardess and often helps the chef and Captain in whatever capacity needed. This allows for more personalized luxurious service to be offered to the guests.

7.) Does the crew live on board? Where do they sleep?

Yes, the crew lives on board the yacht at all times. It is their job to make sure the yacht is properly maintained and cared for both on and off charter. The crew takes one of the cabins on board. If you have a 5 cabin layout, 4 of those cabins are offered to guests (8 pax) and the crew takes one. Generally the forepeaks will be used for additional storage.

8.) My yacht has the forepeaks outfitted. Why doesn’t the crew sleep there?

Storage is always tight on crewed charters. Crewed yachts have to store an abundance of water toys, safety gear, additional household items, galley items in addition to provisions for an entire week for 6-12 people. The forepeaks will be used to house additional provisions, dry goods, water toys and extra lines, fenders, boat materials.

9.) Who hires the crew?

The management company together with the owner recruits, hires and trains the crew. We only hire fully licensed professional and experienced crew. The crew are hired as independent contractors.

10.) What if I don’t want the crew on board during my owner time?

This not a problem. If you are comfortable sailing and maneuvering your own yacht, you are welcome to do so however, if you don’t wish to utilize the services of the crew, they need to be provided accommodations in a hotel/Airbnb near their home base or offered flights home during your owner time on board. This is also the case for any time the crew is not able to stay on board due to haul out, etc. The crew’s accommodations and travel are covered at the owner’s expense and they are provided a per diem for meals

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