Selling A Catamaran

Catamaran Brokerage: We help you achieve a timely and successful sale!

Selling a yacht takes time and commitment, but it doesn’t all have to be yours. Our team is ready to do a valuation of your catamaran and discuss a marketing strategy to sell your boat fast! We will guide you through the process and carry the sale to completion. We are very good at what we do; we do the showings, the negotiation, coordinate surveys, finance, insurance and possibly refitting services. We help reduce your risks by facilitating the sale of your catamaran. Read our “Tips To Help Make Your Catamaran Sell Fast”

Guidance Selling your Catamaran

You receive comprehensive guidance on pricing and preparation of your yacht for sale. This increases the probability that you get top dollar for your yacht and that your catamaran sells as quickly as possible.

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Showing your Catamaran

We arrange showings of your vessel to qualified potential buyers and other brokers. We can offer in-person tours, guided virtual tours, video tours and 360 tours.

Competitive Edge

We identify your competition and boat improvements that can give you “the edge”. Certain upgrades make sense to do in order to get the yacht “show-ready”. Cosmetic-type refits usually pay the best dividends. They sell the yacht and you usually recoup your refit investment or more. Some mechanical work is not necessary to complete a sea trial, and we do not recommend it unnecessarily.

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Yacht Taxes

Tax Issues When Selling or Buying a Boat

Taxes can be tricky in different states and countries, e.g. in Florida you are legally exempt from the 6% Florida Use Tax if you list your yacht with a Florida Registered Broker and do not use the boat in Florida. But, if you bring the yacht to Florida and the tax has not been paid and you try to sell the yacht, then the 6% Use Tax is immediately due (before you sell it!). Similarly, if the yacht is in Florida and listed with an out-of-state, non-registered broker, then the Use Tax is immediately due. Do not risk yacht seizure for non-payment of taxes.

Advertising your Catamaran Listing

We advertise your vessel on worldwide yacht sales websites at our expense, our own website and social media sites. Marketing know-how is probably the most important factor in selling a yacht quickly and for the best price. Using our marketing channels, we properly expose your boat to a wider audience than you may be able to reach on your own.

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Delivery Coordination of your Catamaran

We deal with the most reputable delivery companies and skippers with years of experience and thousands of ocean miles. We can coordinate any delivery worldwide.

Coordinate All Parties

We coordinate documentation and keep all parties informed and stress-free. For most transactions, closing requires multiple forms for regular transactions and many more for foreign-flagged vessels. Each form must be executed in a specific order to successfully trigger the next sequence of events and is designed to protect your interests and minimize litigation.

We Insulate you from the Other Party 

We act as your professional “gatekeeper”. This gives you time and flexibility to respond to questions and offers. Experienced negotiators recommend avoiding contact with the “adversary”. Sellers are often too close to the situation and emotions can bungle a sale.

Documentation of a Catamaran

We coordinate lien searches, title transfer preparation, financing, insurance, haulouts and surveys. We help with registration and documentation advice. Documentation is daunting. We have relationships with companies that have facilitated hundreds of yacht sales. They make the process go as smoothly as possible.

We Use our Time. Not Yours

Selling the yacht yourself will be a hassle. Think about this: Sometimes, the people who make appointments to see yachts are “no-shows”. A high percentage of buyers are only interested in an “education” about your boat and do not know or care if they waste many hours or days of your time. Unqualified buyers (a.k.a. “dreamers”) will consume a lot of your time, so you must know how to weed out the real buyer from the dreamer. Even we, as professionals, can still get misled on occasion.

Refit Advice  

We work with several of the top refitters with the best haul-out facilities in Florida. These trusted companies have excellent reputations and fair pricing. Their top quality work and know-how for refitting boats for sale ensure your boat looks great in its ads and during showings.

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Peace of Mind 

All legal documents are taken care of when the money transfer hits your bank at the time of transfer. Plus, we help you avoid vessel documentation and wire transfer scams that are prevalent in the yachting (and real estate) industry.