Crewed Yacht Charter Webinar Recap

We had a great time talking about Crewed Yacht Charter Programs in last week’s webinar. Our crewed charter expert Casey joined us and shared her expertise of booking trends, working with clients and clearing houses, and what groups are looking for.

We covered common crewed management questions like:

What type of yachts are best for crewed charter?

Catamarans generally 45 feet or longer are best for crewed charter with at least 4 cabins. The most commonly requested charters are for groups of 6-8. The yachts need to be well equipped with Air conditioning and a large dinghy 


How is maintenance of the catamaran yacht handled?

Maintenance is handled collaboratively between the crew and management company. The Captain/crew are responsible for preventative maintenance and fill out pre charter and monthly maintenance logs. Any repairs and service work that needs to be addressed is coordinated by the Captain. 

We also got some excellent crewed charter questions during our Q & A, like:

What is an estimate of the insurance costs?

What is average monthly salary for crew of 2?

Can you change the service location seasonally?

Sail vs power cat charters. What are the pro-con besides fuel consumption?

Can you combine a charter with scuba – are crews available for that that have dive master cet. or would that be a separate crew member just for the scuba
What are the costs for dockage during the off season? 
How much should be put into reserves for planning for future maintenance? Engines, sails, bottom surfaces, electronics?
What’s the oldest boat you would suggest for a crewed charter.  Is there an age limit or just condition of boat  most important?

Watch the video to get all the answers and more. 

Want to join our next Crewed Yacht Charter Webinar? Join us on April 15 at 7 p.m. for our next chat. We will have another Q & A session in the second half where you will get all of your questions answered.


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