ALERT: Lagoon 42 Catamaran Watermaker Fix

Lagoon watermaker fixThe Sea Recovery Ultra Whisper watermaker is a low power system, engineered for boaters with limited power options. They are quiet and easy to operate and is a great fit for sailboats. However, the units installed in the Lagoon 42 catamarans, have reportedly had issues from day one and the failure rate is extremely high.

PROBLEM: The problem, it seems stems not from the unit itself but from the thru-hull and the strainer/ filter placement (above the waterline) in the boat which causes the system to suck in air. The through-hull is apparently too close to the water surface resulting in air being sucked into the system while operating.This causes the watermaker to lose prime and causes pre-mature failure of RO Boost, Vane Pump and Membrane performance**. According to Parker Hannifen Corp / Sea Recovery: "Current thru-hull location is the contributing factor to air entering system at accelerated rate while at sea."

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Yanmar 2-Day Marine Diesel Engine Owner Maintenance Class

Yanmar Marine Diesel engineYanmar is presenting a Boat Owner’s Diesel Engine Maintenance class at their facility at 245 Belmont Drive, Somerset N.J.

In the 2-day hands-on class by Mack Boring & Parts, students will learn how to perform routine maintenance as well as how to break down a diesel engine to perform emergency repairs. Owners of virtually every style sailboat and powerboat have improved their maintenance and emergency repairs skills through this hands-on training. 

Learn more, see class schedules, and register for classes at 2-Day Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance Class information.

One of our boat owners on a Lagoon 42, Tom McConlogue, will attend one of these classes on October 3-4, 2019. Stacy McConlogue graciously made all this information available for our readers on Catamaran Guru™. Stacy and Tom will represent Catamaran Guru™ and they would love to meet up with other boat owners at the training class!

Join them!

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American Product Review: Atomic Tape 

atomic tape silicone tape for boat repairs and more is made in the USABob Bell is as enthusiastic as his legendary Atomic Tape is versatile. We met up with him at last year’s Annapolis Boat Show and have a video to share with you in which Bob explains in his rapid-fire manner, all the ways this flexible (in more ways than one!) silicone tape can be used on the boat and off. This amazing product made in Delaware has many marine and other uses, but was originally developed in the 1960s for wire-bundling on fighter jets. 

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American Product Review: Pettit Paint

pettit paint logoWe caught up with Pettit Paint at the last Annapolis Boat Show. Their world-renowned high performance coatings and epoxies, especially anti-fouling paint, have been protecting marine vessels since 1923. Based in Rockaway, New Jersey, these American made products continue to innovate to better shield marine finishes while better protecting the environment. Water-based, low VOCs, non-metallic biocides, and other research are the lifeblood of Pettit and while they continue to be a foremost marine coatings manufacturer for over 150 years, if you count the acquisition of the Gardiner McInnes company from which founder, John L. Pettit, became educated and passionate about marine paints.

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