Yanmar 2-Day Marine Diesel Engine Owner Maintenance Class

Yanmar Marine Diesel engineYanmar offers a variety of Diesel Engine Maintenance and related tech such as installing Vessel Control Systems (VCS). In the classes at the Mack Boring facility at 245 Belmont Drive, Somerset N.J, you can learn about diesel engine maintenance as well as how to break down an engine for emergency repairs.

Owners of virtually every style sailboat and powerboat have improved their maintenance and emergency repairs skills through this hands-on training.

Learn more, see class schedules and costs that are in the $500-1000 range at Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance Class information. Also, this Perkins engine Facebook group is a great source of information for marine diesel engine owners.

YANMAR Marine Diesel Engine Class Description

With this class being one of the most popular among catamaran owners, we provide additional detail about it.

In the 2-day Hands-On Class from Mack Boring & Parts Co. students will learn to perform routine maintenance as well as how to break down an engine to perform emergency repairs. The class is over 60% hands-on, working on Yanmar engines. The class takes a practical approach, with an emphasis on how to deal with the unexpected. Students learn by doing. By the end of Day 2, participants will have bled the fuel system, changed the impeller, checked the injector system, torqued the head bolts, and more.

The course describes essential repair parts to keep on board, how to use them, and where to purchase them. Nearly every maintenance and repair procedure is addressed with tips and shortcuts to make engine work easier and keep your boat operating cleaner. Students are provided with take-home reference manuals including charts, diagrams, and step-by-step repair instructions.

If you have questions about the courses, reach out to Mack Boring.

To Schedule

Find an available class and register at Mack Boring’s Yanmar class event list. You can schedule training through their website here. The registration form will ask for your dealer/customer ID, use code: 123456.


Call local hotels to check for discounts for Mack Boring classes, here are some who have offered them in the past:

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5 thoughts on “Yanmar 2-Day Marine Diesel Engine Owner Maintenance Class”

  1. Joseph R. Iovino

    Dear All,

    Years ago I took the maintenance course. Larry suggested a fuel additive that I used for years. However, I can not remember the name of the product and would appreciate if you can help.

    Joseph Iovino

    1. I would not recommend a fuel additive until you have taken a fuel sample and sent it to the lab. Most fuel is ultra low sulfur and should not be adjusted. If you live in an area where you could have very low temps. you could have gelling of the fuel. otherwise the fuel is designed to comply with your engine, new or old. Filtration is the key. If you think the fuel is bad or old take a sample. Napa, Caterpillar and other companies offers a fuel test sample that you can send to their Lab.
      Power Service offers a product used in every industry, but they have three different types that are determined by your individual needs.
      I hope this helps

  2. Hi, I need information on when will be your next course for owner, the cost, what’s the nearest airport to the classroom, the closest hotel, and any other thing I should know before makin a decision. Thanks

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