How To Clean An Outboard Motor Carburetor

Outboard enginesCan we agree that the dinghy and properly functioning outboard is simply one of our most important, if not THE most important “accessory” for sailboat owners? Unfortunately, the outboard engine can be one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment once it develops a problem. We all have had issues with our outboards at one time or another and the frustration of a stuttering or non-starting outboard engine can be overwhelming. We know, we’ve been there and so has almost every boat owner we know.

Having the outboard engine fixed by a professional is expensive and most often the problem can be attributed to the fuel, a problem that most of us can deal with. However surprisingly few boat owners know how to diagnose and fix the problem. So, when I saw the article about cleaning the carburetor of an outboard engine in Practical Boat Owner, I knew I had to share! David Parker describes in detail with color pictures, how he saved a lot of money with a careful strip-down and clean of the carburetor.

Another good article to read is this simple troubleshooting guide that accounts for about 95% of the problems on an outboard engine, is this article by our friends at The Boat Galley. Save some money with David and Carolyn!


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