American Product Review: Vacay Style

vacay nantucket wardrobe card backWhat happens when a retail fashion merchandising maven gets married, leaves her job, and sails the Pacific? Eventually, she heeds the call that persists in her head (and heart) to help other women look great out of a tiny suitcase or boat closet. At least, that is what Elizabeth Hynes did.

After her 18-month sailing honeymoon in 2008, she and her new husband returned to corporate lives, hers working for a large retail fashion chain. But Elizabeth could not shake the idea of curating small coordinated collections that can be mixed and matched into a multitude of looks to make shopping, packing, and looking stylish easy. So in 2015, Vacay Style was born.

A new Vacay Style collection of 5 highly versatile items comes out about once a month. When added with a couple of essentials like jean shorts and white jeans, you can create a dozen or more different outfits and if you want, you can even use 1 pair of shoes for each look. The wrinkle-resistant fabrics travel well and feel great in tropical climates. As the Vacay motto states, “Pack Easy. Look Amazing. Have Fun.”

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American Product Review: Ocean-Inspired Jewelry by Calypso Sea

Seaschool Kevin Tanya

Tanya Burnett and Kevin Palmer are freelance travel photojournalists with a wide range of talents which includes diving, sailing, professional photography, art and anything adventure! We first got to know this dynamic duo while on sailing school with us on our catamaran. Like with everything else, they excelled in sailing and it is a dream for them to own their own catamaran, cruise around the world and do dive charters in exotic places around the globe. 

Tanya LIVES the ocean no matter what she is doing…diving, photographing, or creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her Caribbean roots are evident in all that she does. She even designs seashell mobiles for your garden and tumbled shell collars for your canine friends! Her jewelry is at once sophisticated and casual, expensive looking yet it totally reflects nature in it's purest form. It is delicate but makes a statement. I love her jewelry!

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American Product Review: Rope Sandals by Nomadic State of Mind

nomadic state of mind rope sandalsAt the Annapolis Boat Show, we caught up with Chris Anderson, former raft guide, 1969 VW bus resident, and creator of Nomadic State of Mind. Since the 1970s, Chris and a small band of family and friends have run the intrinsically nature-inspired handmade sandal company. Nomadic State of Mind encourages its customers to live, well, like its founder: in the moment and exploring the world around them. Following his original motto, "If it is done right in the beginning, it will last a long time," Chris, his dad, a few friends and a team of rope artisans design and create superb quality, affordably priced rope art sandals made by real hands for real feet.

Usually Catamaran Guru™ only includes USA products that are made in the USA and primarily of USA materials, but we made an exception with Nomadic State of Mind because of its profit-for-purpose mindset. Back in Y2K, Chris encountered a small Nicaraguan community that had fallen on hard times and sorely needed an industry to bring income and new life into their lives. He taught some of the group how to make rope sandals sticking to his "do it right" philosophy. After some trial and error getting US materials into the Nicaraguan jungle and finished product out, perseverance paid off. He and his merry team of Nicaraguan hands began acquiring a reputation for making feet happy all over the world. 

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American Product Review: Nautical Jewelry by CHART metalworks

chart metalworks charlotte guptillchart metalworks necklacesThe Annapolis Boat Show as full of talented artisans including Charlotte Guptill of CHART metalworks. She and her husband, John, keep creative jewelry and some decorative accessories like bottle openers and stoppers flowing out to their nautical fans.

The simple attractive baubles are great gifts for women and men. Charlotte will create a custom piece with your special place featured in the piece of your choice. Celebrate a wedding location, engagement, honeymoon location, or your favorite place on the planet. Read more below about this beautiful collection of jewelry and gadgets made in Portland, Maine.

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