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vacay nantucket wardrobe card backWhat happens when a retail fashion merchandising maven gets married, leaves her job, and sails the Pacific? Eventually, she heeds the call that persists in her head (and heart) to help other women look great out of a tiny suitcase or boat closet. At least, that is what Elizabeth Hynes did.

After her 18-month sailing honeymoon in 2008, she and her new husband returned to corporate lives, hers working for a large retail fashion chain. But Elizabeth could not shake the idea of curating small coordinated collections that can be mixed and matched into a multitude of looks to make shopping, packing, and looking stylish easy. So in 2015, Vacay Style was born.

A new Vacay Style collection of 5 highly versatile items comes out about once a month. When added with a couple of essentials like jean shorts and white jeans, you can create a dozen or more different outfits and if you want, you can even use 1 pair of shoes for each look. The wrinkle-resistant fabrics travel well and feel great in tropical climates. As the Vacay motto states, “Pack Easy. Look Amazing. Have Fun.”

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Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Easy, fast planning for weeks of travel from collections for every season
  • Tons of fresh looks with a few pieces of clothing that fit well in luggage or a boat closet
  • No ironing or worries about looking like you slept in your clothes
  • Nautically inspired collections are available
  • Currently designs fit (US) sizes 0(XS) to 14(XL) – but be sure to check for current sizing as plans are underway to expand sizes and even to clothing the whole family
  • Buy one piece or a collection, with a 20% savings for buying the collection
  • Free Vacay canvas bag with purchase of a collection
  • Free shipping on orders over $200
  • Price Range:
    • Separates – $48 – $158
    • 5- piece Collections with canvas bag – just under $500
  • Made in the USA.

Where to Get Your Vacay Resort Fashions

Order your Vacay Style resort fashions online to try them on in the comfort of your home, see the shipping and return policy.


What’s Your Take on Vacay Resort Fashions?

We love not having to run around to stores hoping to find coordinating separates and the wrinkle-free fabrics that look great right out of the suitcase. Carrying an extra piece in your bag while out for a casual adventure makes it possible for a quick change on the go for a fine dining experience later that evening. We love these fashions! What do you think?


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