Nautical Jewelry by CHART metalworks

American Product Review: Nautical Jewelry by CHART metalworks

chart metalworks charlotte guptillchart metalworks necklacesThe Annapolis Boat Show as full of talented artisans including Charlotte Guptill of CHART metalworks. She and her husband, John, keep creative jewelry and some decorative accessories like bottle openers and stoppers flowing out to their nautical fans.

The simple attractive baubles are great gifts for women and men. Charlotte will create a custom piece with your special place featured in the piece of your choice. Celebrate a wedding location, engagement, honeymoon location, or your favorite place on the planet. Read more below about this beautiful collection of jewelry and gadgets made in Portland, Maine.

How CHART metalworks Began

Charlotte got the idea to incorporate nautical charts and maps into jewelry design because as a sailor, she had a bunch of them lying around her house. The idea led to a thriving business and an ardent fan base for her creations.

Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Fully customizable, just pick your place and item you want customized
  • Great gifts for all your sailing friends
  • Gift certificates are available
  • Get 10% off by visiting CHART metalworks to sign up for their newsletter
  • Recycling is always good for our planet
  • Price Range: $45-200
  • Free standard shipping on all orders shipped to US
  • Made in the USA.

chart metalworks bottle stopperWhere to Get Your CHART metalworks

If you are in Portland, ME, head to the waterfront:

CHART metalworks, 1 Pleasant St., Ste. 2E, Portland, ME 04101

Phone: (207) 221-6807      Hours: M-F 10AM-6PM EST

Or buy CHART Metalworks jewelry and accessories online.

What’s Your Take on CHART metalworks Creations?

We love recycling and shiny things so CHART metalworks jewelry and accessories are for us and our friends. What do you think?


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