Ocean-Inspired Jewelry by Calypso Sea

American Product Review: Ocean-Inspired Jewelry by Calypso Sea

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Tanya Burnett and Kevin Palmer are freelance travel photojournalists with a wide range of talents which includes diving, sailing, professional photography, art and anything adventure! We first got to know this dynamic duo while on sailing school with us on our catamaran. Like with everything else, they excelled in sailing and it is a dream for them to own their own catamaran, cruise around the world and do dive charters in exotic places around the globe.

Tanya LIVES the ocean no matter what she is doing…diving, photographing, or creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her Caribbean roots are evident in all that she does. She even designs seashell mobiles for your garden and tumbled shell collars for your canine friends! Her jewelry is at once sophisticated and casual, expensive looking yet it totally reflects nature in it’s purest form. It is delicate but makes a statement. I love her jewelry!

Top Features for Catamaran Ownersthallassea tahiti leather pearl necklace

  • Ocean-inspired creations with oiled leather and freshwater, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls
  • Each pearl is personally selected and drilled by the artist so you know you are getting top quality
  • Leather cording is free from toxins and certified by European and American standards
  • Designs are created to be worn daily including while in the sea
  • Great gifts for all your sailing friends
  • A portion of proceeds helps protect the world’s diminishing shark population
  • Tanya creates custom designs based on your preferences
  • Made in the USA.

calypso sea mangareva lariat tahitian pearls

Where to Get Your Calypso Sea Jewelry

Browse Calypso Sea jewelry [].

Discuss your custom designs and find out more about Calypso Sea:


Phone: (561) 236-0677

Hours: M-F 10AM-5PM EST

What’s Your Take on Tanya Burnett’s Calyspo Sea Jewelry?

I love all things ocean just like Tanya! Which is probably why I own some of her pieces and wear them regularly. What do you think?


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