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nomadic state of mind rope sandalsAt the Annapolis Boat Show, we caught up with Chris Anderson, former raft guide, 1969 VW bus resident, and creator of Nomadic State of Mind. Since the 1970s, Chris and a small band of family and friends have run the intrinsically nature-inspired handmade sandal company. Nomadic State of Mind encourages its customers to live, well, like its founder: in the moment and exploring the world around them. Following his original motto, “If it is done right in the beginning, it will last a long time,” Chris, his dad, a few friends and a team of rope artisans design and create superb quality, affordably priced rope art sandals made by real hands for real feet.

Usually Catamaran Guru only includes USA products that are made in the USA and primarily of USA materials, but we made an exception with Nomadic State of Mind because of its profit-for-purpose mindset. Back in Y2K, Chris encountered a small Nicaraguan community that had fallen on hard times and sorely needed an industry to bring income and new life into their lives. He taught some of the group how to make rope sandals sticking to his “do it right” philosophy. After some trial and error getting US materials into the Nicaraguan jungle and finished product out, perseverance paid off. He and his merry team of Nicaraguan hands began acquiring a reputation for making feet happy all over the world.

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The team’s creativity has led to several functional rope art products (using sandal scraps!) from handbags to water bottle carriers to rugs and more. Nomadic still carries an apparel line of organic cotton and recycled fabrics with prints inspired by Chris’ travel and photography.

Check out the video at the right of Chris sharing the secrets of making sandals (not really, but the clip features his sense of humor).

Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • nomadic state of mind sailcloth sandalsThey float!
  • Reclaimed polypro rope is used for softness and keeping the durable material out of landfills
  • Affordable, durable, and long-lasting
  • Very light
  • Washable and bleach-able
  • Great gifts for sailors and landlubbers
  • Free shipping on US orders over $60
  • Price Range: $32-40
  • Rope made in the USA. Other Nomadic products made in the USA.

Where to Get Your Nomadic State of Mind

Look for Nomadic at retailers near you.

Or buy Nomadic State of Mind products online at Also, check out other online outlets such as Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

What’s Your Take on Nomadic State of Mind?

We love that the rope sandal part of the business directly benefits people who are working hard to keep themselves out of poverty. Also, recycling and durable products are always something we look for. What do you think of Nomadic’s rope sandals and other rope, sailcloth, and fabric products?


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