Hello from Fort Lauderdale!

Happy “Thirsty Thursday”! We feel like these past few months since the lockdown and our timeout in Key Largo in March really flew by! In a nutshell, since our return in April, we have launched a new website, prepped our boat for yet another VERY active hurricane season, welcomed several new members to our team in the US, South Africa and in Sint Maarten, travelled to Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland and Key West and now we are getting ready for our catamaran showcase at the end of the month. This is one of the BIGGEST community efforts that we have ever undertaken! The owners of the boats in our showcase have made their boats available to help us boost the charter market and help bring back business to the islands and recreational sailing. We cannot thank all of our boat owners enough for their support!

Catamaran Brokers 
*The pictures above shows our very soggy visit to Key West during a tropical storm and the new reality of Zoom meetings, rather than in-person “togetherness”. LOL
We have also launched a new Facebook group called “Chattermaran” and if you haven’t joined it yet, go check it out. If you’re looking for a community where you can be inspired by what others are doing as well as share your own wins and struggles, then please join us. It’s a great place to find support and share what you’re up to. This week’s “Tech Tuesday” video shows you “what is at the top of a mast”! While we are at it, we are also prepping Zuri for a cruise to the Bahamas after the showcase in mid-November. Hopefully the Bahamas will be fully open for tourism so that we can visit our beloved Abacos again. We are sure there will be a posse following us out of here, as we are all soooo ready to go sailing!

Hurricane Sean Catamaran Sailing

2020 continues to offer up abnormal events and behavior in everyone, i.e. killer whales attacking boats in the Eastern Atlantic and the hurricane season has offered up so many tropical systems in the Atlantic this season that for the second time in history the Greek alphabet has had to be used for naming storms! Oh, and don’t forget the murder hornets, the mystery drones that were spotted in Colorado and Nebraska and the monster star that vanished! Only a few months ago, nobody would have imagined that we would have to all wear masks at the boat shows. Oh right, all the boat shows have been cancelled! It was also inconceivable that we would have a catamaran inventory shortage in 2020. Really? This era is defined by Facetime and Zoom Meetings. It is so totally STRANGE!! Yes, 2020 has been interesting, frustrating, challenging. But hey, we all made it so far, and we’re ready to start this weekend with a good cocktail!

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line to let us know how you are doing!


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2 thoughts on “Hello from Fort Lauderdale!”

  1. Hello my name is Rick. My wife Joan and I are new to the Catamaran sailing community. We’ve sale up to 48 foot catamarans in the BVI and most recently a 40 foot in Saint Pete, Tampa Bay Area. We are looking for any information on catamaran bareboat charters in Florida.Thank you.
    Rick & Joan Smith
    Chambersburg Pa.

    1. Estelle Cockcroft

      Hi Rick, I believe that Fun in the Sun charter in Fort Lauderdale and Dream Yacht Charters in Key West are the only options right now.

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