Catamaran Showcase Highlights

We "re-imagined" boat shows that is community focussed and buyer friendly!

We just finished our private Catamaran Showcase this weekend from Oct.28th – Nov 1st and it was a great success! We gathered 14 catamarans in our marina in Hollywood, FL and we were thrilled to see so many future catamaran sailors come to get an education and leave a step closer to realizing their dreams after touring a variety of catamarans models and sizes. This was a great community effort putting together this giant outdoors boat ownership classroom where attendees could get vital information and advice from live-aboard boat owners. 

Our boat owners, including ourselves and our live-aboard brokers, graciously made their boats available to Catamaran Guru clients and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. Visitors were regaled with tall tales (Buster & Alida from “Carzy Knot Nuts” come to mind) and the good, bad and ugly of boat ownership was laid bare by Tom and Stacy from “Tangled Sheets”. Dave and Lilian from “SeaIO” was a font of information for our owner operater crewed yacht buyers. We could not have done it without these owners who believe in our mission of encouraging and educating all aspiring sailors .

Our Catamaran Guru team was phenomenal and the brokers worked like demons trying to field all the questions, showing the features of the different catamarans and writing contracts. It was intense but so rewarding for our entire team. Our visitors who toured our boats are highly qualified buyers. They are ready to take the plunge and they totally appreciated this wide array of catamarans on show, both new and brokerage.

This showcase was a testament to the pent-up demand to get out on the water! The 12 charter brokers who toured our crewed catamarans including a Bali 5.4, Bail 4.8, Lagoon 50, Jeanneau 64 among others were excited about the quality of boats and crews that we presented and they have a ton of bookings already. That is great news for our crewed yacht division! We now have to hope that all the Caribbean and Bahamian islands will open up as was predicted. See our Caribbean Covid update here>>

We hope to do several more of these events all throughout 2021, so stay tuned, and for now it is time to play again! Stephen and I will finalize some details and contracts for the year 2020 and we plan to go sailing for at least two months in The Bahamas. We hope to see some of you over there!

This is what our visitors had to say...

Thank you for organising this Catamaran Showcase! It was awesome! Us as future catamaran buyers loved talking to actual boat owners! We got to see older cats, brand new cats and everything in between. We were given the unvarnished truth about boat ownership and the boat buying process. We learned a lot and we were never pressured to buy any specific product.
Alex & Donna
Fort Lauderdale
Marina and I wanted to reach out and say thank you to you and Stephen for the time you spent with us this past weekend. I'm sure we came across as overly eager and full of questions, but you were both so patient and kind, and we really appreciated your generosity. As we reflect on what we learned and prepare for our liveaboard catamaran class later this month, we are even more convinced that we will soon be hosting guests on a new Bali 5.4 in St. Thomas.
Gavin & Marina
Houston, Texas


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