Fractional Yacht Ownership

Ownership Redefined For The Sharing Community: Sharing Is The New Owning!

Our current ideal of owning as much “stuff” as we can and of over consumption is being replaced with a new ideal of shared use and ownership. It gives people access to a lifestyle that they otherwise might not be able to afford, and it reduces waste. Imagine owning and sailing your own luxury catamaran for less than 20% of what conventional yacht ownership or bareboat charter would usually cost you! Not only does it save you money but it eliminates the waste of an asset sitting idle for months.

That is exactly what this program is designed to do! Fractional or Shared Yacht Ownership gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership for a fraction of the cost of conventional ownership or even charter! Shared yacht ownership is exactly what it sounds like—you buy a share or fraction of a yacht. It is not a timeshare where you only purchase the rights of usage for a certain amount of time and end up with nothing when the term expires.

With shared ownership you legally own the fraction of the asset and hold the title to the yacht. It’s a simple concept— several co-owners can enjoy the benefits of owning a yacht while splitting the cost of the vessel and its management. It is the simplest way to realize your sailing dreams sooner than you otherwise could and with the least hassle. 

Owner Shares

Finding the right partners, setting up partnerships, and managing logistics

Owner Use

Optimizing the use of the yacht so that all of the owners get quality time


Offset your maintenance costs with income from chartering your yacht

Catamaran Guru Making Fractional Yacht Ownership Work!

Some of the early fractional yacht business models were guilty of taking advantage of the shareholders, and plenty have failed along the way. They would take a boat with a market price of say $2 million and divide it into 10 shares of $400,000, thereby doubling their investment by selling it for a total of $4 million. The Management / brokerage companies were trying to make a killing on one boat. It did not sit well with many potential buyers. Savvy boat owners might be willing to pay a small premium, but they’re not willing to get taken to the cleaners. 

Catamaran Guru’s innovative fractional shared yacht ownership programs provide you with a financially savvy solution to yacht ownership that is ideal for your active lifestyle. You can experience all the benefits of yacht ownership without the hassles of staffing, maintaining, or servicing your yacht.

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