Couple Leading Exotic Diving Expeditions

We got to know Tanya & Kevin first when they signed up for a live-aboard sailing course with us in the Bahamas several years ago. They are a super enthusiastic couple who teaches underwater photography but is more famous for leading exotic diving expeditions all over the world. We were so excited when in 2019, Tanya was inducted into the Women Diver Hall of Fame (WDHoF), an international non-profit professional honor society dedicated to recognizing and honoring the contributions of women divers. While their main focus has always been their love of diving, they are also accomplished photographers and have been published in several magazines. 

Catamaran Live Aboard Couple
Tanya and Kevin at Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, South Pacific Ocean.

Tanya and Kevin are both frequently published photographers and writers with over 45 years of experience between them. Theirs is a marriage and creative partnership born of a like-minded passion for nature, the oceans, wildlife and the exotic cultures that reside at civilization’s edge. Their common challenge is continually revealing new windows to these beautiful and unusual realms through their work. 

Since joining forces in 2000, they have collaborated on many magazine covers, dozens of articles and maintained an active stock image library while organizing yearly dive photo expeditions for small groups of enthusiastic clients. Their tireless appetite for travel and discovery sometimes seems chaotic, but never boring.

Most recently, their combined talents have been focused on sharing their enthusiasm for tropical and marine themes through readily accessible formats that blend well with home, yacht and even our “new normal” with custom face masks. The subjects range from expansive underwater vistas, marine animals large and small, to a rainbow of macro abstracts. 

Whether ordering art printed on aluminum with decades of real world and nautical life expectancy or choosing a marine friendly custom hand bags printed on water resistant materials, you can expect top grade quality while making a personal statement to enhance your love of the tropics – even when you are not able to always get there. 

Check out their website here: or order some of their amazing works of art here: 


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