American Product Review: YETI Tundra Coolers

yeti tundra 65 white is made in the usa and philippinesAs live-aboard catamaran folks, we are often faced with challenges that fuel creativity and innovation based on necessity. You’ll not find a boat supply store when you are 500 nautical miles off the coast! Products born of necessity, such as YETI Tundra coolers, tend to directly meet the needs of the user nicely. YETI coolers were developed by Roy and Ryan Seiders to bridge the gap between what ice chests provided back in 2006 and what they actually needed for their adventures and for everyday use. Avid hunters and fishermen, they found that the selection of coolers available fell short when used in their normal activities.

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American Product Review: Sailrite Sailmaking, Canvas Work, & More

sailrite logoAt the helm of Sailrite, sits Matt and Hallie Grant, second generation owners. Well, we should not say, “sit”, as even Matt’s online presence is evidence that he has somehow cloned himself as he seems everywhere all at once. The Grants are hands-on with every aspect of Sailrite. Matt holds patents driving innovation in the trusty, dependable line of SailRite sewing implements, appears in numerous industry forums, personally answers customers’ phone calls, and makes strategic decisions that protect Sailrite’s brands and his customers. Get to know him and Sailrite better by listening to 59 Degrees North’s podcast featuring Matt and read more about his innovative patent for the Ultrafeed sewing machine.

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American Product Review: Elertus Smart Sensor

elertus smart sensor boxElertus Smart Sensor can “monitor your most important things”. For us boat owners, our sailing vessel is often our most precious belonging. Especially if you are weekenders or dock your boat for any length of unoccupied time, Elertus might be of interest to you. This wifi-based system monitors humidity, water, doors, and motion, and alert you to anything that is not as it should be. This could save you thousands in case of a break-in, water infiltration, or any other event that harms or leaves your boat open to harm. Here are a few

Elertus offers remote monitoring solutions to get your creative juices flowing about how it might help you protect your boat or even your RV.

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American Product Review: Seabeds by Michelle

seabeds by michelle logoAfter years of designing mattresses for factories, Michelle Brumfield launched her own company to build custom mattresses for yachts and boats in 1999. Since then the family-owned business has focused on quality over quantity of mattresses giving thousands of boat owners and their guests a more restful night’s sleep. Her success is not only measured by the many Seabeds testimonials, but also by the myriad of awards that she and her business have earned:

  • 2014 Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year
  • 2014 Retail Merchants Association Small Business Person of the Year
  • 2014 Hampton Roads Retailer of the Year (3rd runner up)
  • Daily Press Choice Awards Winner, 7 years in a row (2009-2015)

The initial boat mattress business has grown to encompass mattress for home (like for antique beds that are an odd size), pet beds, RVs, and more.

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American Product Review: ATN Mastclimber by ATN, Inc.

atn mastclimber is a single handed bosun above mastheadFor Etienne Giroire, necessity was and is the Mother of Invention when it comes to his line of sailing products especially his ATN Mastclimber. Etienne (prounced A – T – N, hence his business name) is a French-born, proud-to-be American citizen who founded ATN, Inc. in 1985. After years of racing, yacht deliveries, and skippering maxi-boats, he continually was disappointed in the rigging and furling systems. None seemed to work as advertised. So he began to work with manufacturers and invented his own versions…that actually work!

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