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American Product Review: YETI Tundra Coolers

yeti tundra 65 white is made in the usa and philippinesAs live-aboard catamaran folks, we are often faced with challenges that fuel creativity and innovation based on necessity. You’ll not find a boat supply store when you are 500 nautical miles off the coast! Products born of necessity, such as YETI Tundra coolers, tend to directly meet the needs of the user nicely. YETI coolers were developed by Roy and Ryan Seiders to bridge the gap between what ice chests provided back in 2006 and what they actually needed for their adventures and for everyday use. Avid hunters and fishermen, they found that the selection of coolers available fell short when used in their normal activities.

Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Price Range (average):
    • Coolers – $200-350
    • Beverage containers – $30-70
  • Free shipping on orders over $24.99 in the 48 contiguous states
  • YETI Tundra coolers are very durable for rough, salty conditions:
    • One-piece rotomolded construction with a uniform wall thickness, thicker and stronger corners, and superior overall durability. This is the same process used to make whitewater kayaks.
    • Made of food grade UV-resistant polyethylene that is dry ice–compatible and very insulated. The walls of a YETI Tundra cooler contain 2 inches of premium insulation and the Tundra lids have 3 inches of premium insulation.
    • Heavy-duty latches originally designed for rugged use on ATVs and are molded into the body of the cooler.
    • The full-length, molded-in, self-stopping hinge won’t hyper-extend or break.The freezer-style sealing gasket locks in the cold (or the heat if you want to keep a baked potatoes, a crawfish boil, or tons of barbecue steaming for a hungry crowd).
    • Non-slip, non-marking feet help keep the cooler in place.
    • The Tundra’s polyester rope handles with textured rubber grips are built to last, but are replaceable.
    • The drain plug has a gasket to ensure it is leak proof and protect against temperature loss. The cooler floor is recessed near the drain allowing every last drop of water to drain.
    • Tie-down points and padlock holes are molded into the Tundra cooler. When locked, the Tundra cooler is certified as a bear-resistant container. (You never know when a bear will sail by! LOL!)
  • Tundra Coolers made in the USA (Iowa and Wisconsin) and the Philippines.

Where to Get Your CHART metalworks

If you want to be sure you get a US-made cooler, call (512) 394-9384 and they will ensure your cooler is 100% American made.

Or find YETI Tundras at your favorite sports our outdoors retailer and in many big box retailers in North America.

Do you have a YETI? What’s Your Experience?

We can no longer live without our YETI for provisioning, preserving food aboard, and for keeping cold beverages close at hand. What do you use your YETI for? What do you think?


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