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outland hatch covers custom size shapeCatamaran Guru met James Outland at the Annapolis Boat Show. Along with his twin brother, Steve, and Bob Roberts, he founded Outland Hatch Covers based in Jacksonville, N.C. “Invention is the mother of necessity” was true in their case. After owning a few boats ever-increasing in size, James and Steve decided it was time to pamper their families with air conditioning. But it came up short of offering comfort because they had minimal space that required a smaller unit. So they set about to solve the biggest problem keeping their interior hull hotter than it should be…heat transference from the hatches. After a few attempts, they came upon the ingenious idea to use easy-to-install PVC covers.

Realizing a solution that solves many heat and light problems on a boat, they launched this business in 2013 fabricating boat hatch covers which provide UV protection for the acrylic lens of deck hatches.

Each hatch cover is a two-piece unit with a Vycom’s Celtec expanded PVC material cover and a patented, innovative low-profile twist-lock fastener to secure the rigid cover to the hatch. The Celtec material was chose for durability, light weight, and printable surface.


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Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Reduces crazing and hazing of acrylic lenses of hatches
  • Offer UV protection for interior fabrics and woods
  • Lowers cabin temperatures considerably making the air conditioning more effective
  • White PVC material reflects sunlight and minimizes heat transfer to the hatches
  • Sleep in easier keeping the morning sun blocked
  • Keeps snooping people from seeing inside your boat
  • Can be customized for any shape
  • They float!
  • Easily stored under cushions
  • Can personalize with your boat name or a graphic or both
  • Low profile fastener with no strings or cords
  • Easy measuring instructions
  • Easy to install
  • Price Range: $40-80; graphics extra at $25 for one color
  • Made in the USA.

outland hatch cover rosette 2outland hatch cover rosette

Where to Get Your Outland Hatch Covers

Call or email Outland to order your custom hatch covers.

Check out pictures of installations and connect with them on their Outland Hatch Covers Facebook page.

What’s Your Take on Outland Hatch Covers?

These affordable hatch covers pay for themselves in no time by preserving the look and water-tightness of your acrylic hatch lenses as well as the shaded comfort if offers down below. Plus, they look great with most boats’ white finish and actually make the deck look clean and bigger. What do you think of Outland Hatch Covers?


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