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atn mastclimber is a single handed bosun above mastheadFor Etienne Giroire, necessity was and is the Mother of Invention when it comes to his line of sailing products especially his ATN Mastclimber. Etienne (prounced A – T – N, hence his business name) is a French-born, proud-to-be American citizen who founded ATN, Inc. in 1985. After years of racing, yacht deliveries, and skippering maxi-boats, he continually was disappointed in the rigging and furling systems. None seemed to work as advertised. So he began to work with manufacturers and invented his own versions…that actually work!

Based in Hollywood, Florida, near the epicenter of the yachting industry, ATN produces a wide variety of equipment that makes sailing easier and safe. Having met Etienne at the boat show, we can attest that his boundless energy is the only thing that outshines the innovation and quality of ATN products.

In this USA product review, we will focus on the ATN Mastclimber as it is the only single-handed bosun’s chair on the market that allows the climber to work above the masthead without leaving the chair. But a visit to the ATN sailing products website is worthwhile to check out other quality made-in-the-USA products for your boat such as their affordable, top quality multihull nets.

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Top Features for Catamaran Owners

  • Low-effort way to get up the mast using the stronger leg muscles to ascend
  • Safe ascension using standard halyard sizes
  • Safer feeling when ascending as it prevents swaying away from the mast
  • Enables standing above the mast top for clearing lines and other maintenance
  • High quality for reasonable prices (on all ATN products)
  • Price: $450
  • Made in the USA.

Where to Get Your ATN Mastclimber

Buy the ATN Mastclimber or other sailing products at the ATN website

Phone: (954) 584-2477800-874-3671 (US Only)
Fax: 954-584-2478


3718 SW 30th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33312

Or catch Etienne and his ATN products at a boat show.

What’s Your Take on ATN Mastclimber?

The ATN Mastclimber makes a scary, tough task a lot easier and safer…and a whole lot less scary. What do you think? Have you used other ATN sailing products? Let us hear from you!


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