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Catamaran Guru Forms Alliances with Boutique Charter Companies Worldwide

charter2022 was again a bumper year for Catamaran Guru in New Yacht Sales and we have created very robust and proven charter management programs to help our owners achieve their boat business goals with charter income and tax advantages as well as the most established and proven crewed yacht program.

But we could not have done this by ourselves, and we partnered with some very reputable charter operators.

Quality Operations, Quality Service, Quality Owner Experiences

Quality was what we were after for our boat owners when we went on a quest to  identify some of the best and most established boutique charter companies in the industry like TMM Yacht Charters, The Catamaran Company, BVI Yacht Charters, Dream Caribbean Blue, VI Yacht Charters and Cruise Abaco to manage our owners’ boats.

These companies all have long track records of exemplary service and have stellar reputations amongst their charter guests and boat owners. Their reputations convinced us that they not only will take care of the boat owners we introduce to them but will also deliver on the projected charter revenues and expectations, which is important.

These alliances create a much more personalized experience and a more controlled environment for our boat owners to operate within. Owners in these smaller owner-operated fleets are generally happier and will fetch a much higher re-sale value for their boats because the boats are well cared for. Boat owners do not feel like they are simply a number like they would at one of the huge charter companies. 

Our focus is on delivering a quality ownership experience to our boat owners from time of purchase to delivery to after-sales support through charter management and sailing and yacht ownership community involvement.

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One such alliance is with Dream Caribbean Blue  (DCB), that specializes in crewed charter management and can provide Bali Catamaran owners and their charter guests a super luxury experience and superior management services.

DCB is based at the very upscale Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, a luxury resort boasting its own private marina, restaurants, private beach, spa, accommodations ranging from single rooms to entire villas, grocery store and cafe. This further enhances the owner experience.

The Yacht Exchange Program

We also created The Yacht Exchange (TYE) program exclusively for charter yachts.

Charter boat owners from ANY yacht charter management company at any base anywhere in the world can swap owner time with other boat owners with no money changing hands. It is a win-win!

This yacht exchange program offsets one of the only disadvantages of placing your boat in a smaller yacht fleet that do not offer reciprocal yacht exchange at bases around the world.

The TYE program is in its infancy and poised to grow fast in 2023 as we add more boats in more base locations like Croatia, Turkey, Australia, and Asia Pacific. We encourage every charter yacht owner to sign up and get involved in the community and in control of your own destinies!

Big vs Small Charter Management Company

So, why would you choose to place your luxury yacht with a boutique charter company rather than a multi national? The answer is simple. QUALITY! There is simply no substitute for smaller fleets where a boat owner is not just a number but rather a valued partner to the charter company. Here are some pros and cons of both models. You will see that the pros far outweigh the cons for a smaller fleet.

  • Big charter fleets offer guaranteed programs for 5 years, smaller companies do not. While this is a plus for some owners, we found that our catamaran owners earn more than the guaranteed monthly payment that is typically paid.
  • Big charter fleets offer worldwide reciprocal owner use, smaller companies do not BUT we offset that with “The Yacht Exchange” that is available for any boat in any fleet, anywhere in the world. Owner exchange offers a much wider set of options and destinations versus being limited to the base locations of a particular charter operator.
  • Big fleets have a phase-out program at the end of the 5-year term when in the Guaranteed program, smaller companies do not have to do phase out due to good ongoing maintenance and good record-keeping.
  • Smaller fleets are best at providing a program with revenue sharing, with good accounting and maintenance records. This enables an owner to substantially offset the cost of ownership through income and tax advantages.
  • Boats in smaller fleets are much better cared for and will have much higher resale value.
  • Smaller fleets allow customization and owner versions, which is great specifically for owners who want to live onboard after the charter term runs out. The larger companies are more rigid in the spec and layout and prefer a cookie cutter approach.
  • Smaller fleets are very flexible about the term of the charter contract whereas the bigger companies are far more structured.
  • Smaller companies have great customer relations and lines of communication with the owners which is often not so in bigger fleets where you are simply a number

Charter Yacht Management Options

Charter companies entice boat buyers into charter management programs with promises and sell it as the most cost effective way to own the yacht. They promise  worry-free ownership with no hassles or expenses of traditional yacht ownership. Well, we have tested this theory. Is this possible? Yes, it can be, IF you do it right and you partner with the right charter company. We have personally owned yachts in these charter programs, we have done the research, collected the data and have made all this information available to you in these CG pages. Read about some of these programs i.e.

  • Boat as a Business Program This program use the yacht charter revenue together with the business tax deductions to reduce the costs of owning a very nice yacht that we enjoy now
  • Crewed Charter Programs We have helped more than 100+ owners set up their businesses in luxury boutique charter companies with exceptional service
  • Fractional Programs Our innovative fractional shared yacht ownership programs provide you with a financially savvy solution to yacht ownership that is ideal for your active lifestyle.

Free Charter Management Consultation

There is a lot of information in these pages as we tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. But there is a lot to absorb so you may need someone to help you sort through it all. Plus there are always questions that deal specifically with your personal situation.

Contact us for a comprehensive consultation – Stephen Cockcroft: Tel 1-804-815-5054

Our services come FREE if we represent you during your yacht-buying process.

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