Travel & Medical Insurance for Cruisers & Liveaboards

We are excited to bring our fellow sailors some great news about travel and global medical insurance designed from the bottom up for wanderers. From digital nomads working as they travel from place to place or those of us who enjoy going where the wind takes us. 

Travel and medical insurance by Insured Nomads is for singles, groups, one trip, multiple trips, or ongoing health coverage.

Medical and travel insurance is such a tough subject and we all struggle with this. Why? Because it can be complicated, it has various exclusions and reimbursements can be cumbersome. But it really, truly sucks if you have a medical emergency abroad and don’t have insurance. If you need to be airlifted out, must have a family member flown to you, or you get sick while sailing abroad, then travel insurance is a no-brainer. We carried one such policy while sailing across the Atlantic with eight people last year. Thankfully we didn’t need it but we were fully covered, had access to telemedicine 24/7 and it was affordable.

Expat insurance or Global Health Insurance is best for longer term use. If you will be sailing in far flung places outside of your regular medical coverage area, this may be a good option for you. Truthfully, we very seldom use our medical insurance but when you break a limb for instance (which happens while sailing), the medical costs can really eat into your sailing kitty, specially when your regular medical insurance will not cover the “out of network” costs. This insurance should cover all your medical expenses for both long-term and emergency treatment. It should also cover all areas including dental, eye health, maternity, and care of chronic conditions while living or cruising in the Caribbean or elsewhere.

That’s why we like Global Health Insurance. They cover you for emergency as well as routine, preventative, chronic care in the country or countries you have selected in your plan. It offers ongoing medical coverage for the entire duration of your plan (typically 1 year, renewable). They are easy to work with, makes it easier than most to get providers paid and it can be surprisingly affordable depending on what your needs are. Read the brochure below for details of coverage.

*Keep in mind that every policy is different depending on where you are from or where you will live or sail, so read the fine print to be sure your policy will cover your specific needs.  

Insured Nomads is a globally distributed company, with registered regulated entities in the U.S.A, U.K., and Germany. 


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2 thoughts on “Travel & Medical Insurance for Cruisers & Liveaboards”

  1. I checked Insured Nomads and read their policy. Their extra Adventure Sports and Marine activities does cover sailing it seems (“Operating or riding as a passenger on board a Personal Watercraft”) BUT I also read the medical limits for these water sports cover ONLY up to $100,000 ( if you are age 14 days through 49 years old). I contacted their customer service and confirmed this to me. So it seems this is not an ideal insurance for sailors since you will be spending more than 80% on your boat cruising and maybe 20% on land, and only 100K? if you have a serious problem and need to be transported by a anoter rescue boat or worst case scenario helicopter, you’re screwed.

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