Where Is The Catamaran Guru Crew Now?

Catamaran Guru and crew began their latest adventure from Canet-en-Rousillon, France, where they pick up their new Bali 5.4. Follow the link for successive stories as the journey unfolds.

During the ARC Rally that will wrap up mid-December 2019, you can keep up with Z3 and crew’s position in the Multihull A class. Visit the ARC viewer, then select “ARC”. Use the lefthand menu to search for “Zuri 3” or to see only the “Multihull A” boats. 

Follow the progress, daily updates, and weather of the passage below!



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3 thoughts on “Where Is The Catamaran Guru Crew Now?”

  1. Thank you very much for your exciting and very well researched articles. The follow-up of your route on ARC VIEWER is very interesting but unfortunately you don’t say how many hours you spent under engine and how many hours and miles you covered under sail during your Atlantic crossing. Would you please tell us more about it? Thank you very much.

    1. Estelle Cockcroft

      Yann since we we were sailing in the Rally we had to disclose our engine hours before and after the race to the committee. We used the engine only to charge batteries and we were becalmed at one point and had to motor to keep course throughout the 16 days across the Atlantic. We used the engines for a total of 24hours from the Canaries to St Lucia – 3060 nautical miles.

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