Love Stories At Sea…because it’s valentine’s day

stephen and estelle cockcroft cooking shrimp aboard their sailboat in nose be madagascarBecause it’s Valentine’s day, we wanted to celebrate all the couples that we helped along to finding their “love boat”. But before we do that, let’s tell you about our founders, Stephen and Estelle who have one such love story that started in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa. With the same feeling of ‘wanderlust’ and a dream of traveling around the world, there was only one thing for them to do…make the dream a reality!

Stephen launched their 45ft Bruce Roberts design sloop called ‘Royal Salute’  after two years of building her in a friend’s back garden. They left Cape Town harbor soon after and set sail for the east coast of Africa. This adventure was just the beginning of their love story at sea and it would never have been possible had they not set a deadline and made the decision to cast off the lines.

Stephen and Estelle’s dream became their lifestyle— making them living proof that one can successfully meld a career and a romantic love story with the cruising lifestyle. 

30 years later and their love story at sea is still being written as they sail the seas and help other’s discover and achieve their dream lifestyle and love story. Here are just a few of the couples that they successfully matched with the other love of their lives — their very own catamarans! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Deon and Janine – Prout 45

Bob and Debbie – Lagoon 450

Rick and Robin – Voyage 45

Don and Lynda – island Spirit 41

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