Lagoon 42 Catamaran Sailing Report From A Catamaran

cata lagoon 42 bahamas navigationThe Lagoon 42 has been an industry (and now a consumer) favorite since it was launched. It was awarded the 2017 “Boat of the Year” by Cruising World in the “less than 50 feet catamaran” category, making this the fourth award for the Lagoon 42 in one year! We did a quick tour of the L42 again at the Miami boat show and were very impressed. Check out our video tour of the Lagoon 42 at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show at right.

YouTube video

The Lagoon 42 did not make it on “Our Top Five Cruising Catamarans Picks For 2016”, only because we had to make a choice in a very crowded field but we are really rethinking this decision. The L42 is a BIG and very comfortable catamaran for a 42-footer.

The cockpit is very spacious with nice seating and reclining areas all around. The scoops make for really easy boarding from the dinghy and act as great fishing platforms! The helm station is extremely comfortable with good visibility and the sail plan is set up for easy sail handling for a couple.

It really has all the elements for a great cruising catamaran. Furthermore, the price is excellent at around $500,000 for a fully loaded cruising catamaran with watermaker, generator, air conditioners, dinghy, etc. 

Lagoon 42, Water Dragon, Sailing Report

YouTube video

Christopher, one of our readers and an owner of a Lagoon 42, “Water Dragon”, shared the video at left with us that features his “Water Dragon” testing the brand new Code 0 sail from North Sails in the Salish Sea just off UBC, North Arm of Fraser River and Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC. He says:

“… the trip from Seattle to Vancouver in the Lagoon 42. 44kts of wind with 14-foot waves at one point with boat going at 15kts with a reefed jib only while lagoon 42surfing (closer to 10-12kts average) and no main. It was still quite a comfortable ride. The next day was calmer. Sailing 8kts on a beam reach with 13-15kts wind, 6.5kts upwind at 50 degrees. We used the mainsail and jib. Doesn’t go much higher than that efficiently. 9.5 kts motoring both engines at 2800rpm, but this was a lightly loaded boat.”

Sounds like some good catamaran sailing stats to us!







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