Bali 4.5 Catamarans Introduction

Catana Bali 45 Catamaran

Debuted September 2014 at Cannes Boat Show

Leveraging its legendary technology and know-how developed over many years through its prestigious brand name, Catana is now focusing on cruising catamarans. The new Bali 4.5 will be built in the same tradition of Catana with the most advanced technology, lightweight and fast but with:

  • Increased living space and volume,
  • No dagger boards,
  • And a helm station option of bulkhead steering or a flybridge.

Catana recognized the huge demand for cruising catamarans in the 45 ft range and answered with this new innovative and well-thought-out catamaran with larger fresh water tanks, a tailgate to increase the cockpit space, and more open space. Yet, this new Bali continues to live up to Catana’s tradition as a performance catamaran manufacturer.

The Bali 4.5 was designed by Olivier Poncin and developed by naval architect, Xavier Fay, and interior designer, Herve Couedel. This is a very exciting development for Catana and many cruisers who prefer a lighter, faster catamaran but still want the comfort of a more traditional design.

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Bali 4.5 Technical Data

Designer : Olivier Poncin
Architect : Xavier Faÿ
Interior Designer : Couëdel Yacht Design
LAO : 13,60 m / 44.6 Ft
Length of Water line : 13 m / 42.65 Ft
Beam overall : 7.2 m / 24.32 Ft
Draft: 1,22 m / 4.00 Ft
Light displacement : 11 t / 24,250 Lbs
Full displacement : 16.5 t / 36376 Lbs
Sail area : 121 M2 / 1300 sq. ft
Main sail area : 72 m2 / 775 sq. ft
Genoa area : 49 m2 / 527 sq. ft
Self tacking Solent : 39 m2 / 480 sq.ft
Engine : 2 x 40 HP up to 60 HP, saildrives
Fuel : 800 L / 221 Gal
Fresh water : 800 L / 221 Gal
Fridge: 615 L/ 162 Gal
Homologation CE: Cat. A 12 passengers

Catana's Bali 4.5 CatamaranCatana Bali 45 CatamaransCatana Bali 45 Catamaran

Catana Bali 45 CatamaranCatana Bali 4.5 Catamaran Fly Bridge Version


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