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We thought it would be fun to check in with our sailing school "graduates" and yacht buyers periodically to see where they are and how their sailing careers are progressing. Here is where we can catch up, swap stories, give and receive advice and tips, and reminisce with a frou-frou drink in hand.

Please join us for loads of fun!

Kristiann & Graham's Catamaran Charter Business

the grahams are the crew and owners of sail allende that is a crewed yacht charter business in the virgin isladsSeveral of our yacht buyers bought catamarans to use in a crewed charter business. Establishing and running your own crewed yacht charter business is one of the most cost-effective ways to own a big luxury catamaran. Since the boat is operated as a business, you, as the owner, can use available tax advantages as well as charter income to significantly offset the cost of yacht ownership. This makes it a very attractive proposition for couples who love sailing and adventure and are ready for a lifestyle change. 

Kristiann and Graham, a couple from Texas, came to us with their dream of buying a catamaran. Their ultimate goal was to buy a catamaran and place it in a crewed charter program with them as owner operators. They had already done their research, but engaged us to help facilitate the purchase of their catamaran from Fountaine Pajot in France. They also wanted help navigating the catamaran buying process. To ensure their path to success, we also guided them through the process of setting up their crewed charter business in the Caribbean.

Read more about the Grahams' charter yacht ownership dream and their transformation to full-time liveaboard sailors.



Cruising World Interview With Our Catamaran Owners

Catamaran Guru sailing catamaran buyers run a yacht charter in the bahamasCheryl and Bob Piccoli spent five years in the planning phase before they purchased their Lagoon catamaran from us. Big Dog II is in charter in the Bahamas and is doing great. They have become good friends and have advocated for us at several boat shows in Annapolis. In this article Bob and Cheryl answer all the questions that potential buyers might have and they share some tips, like:

  • Understand that this is a major financial investment: "If they tell you it's going to pay for itself in the first year, don't walk away, run," Bob says. Be certain you can handle miscellaneous startup costs.
  • Ask yourself what you ultimately want from this boat: "Do you want it to pay for itself and then sail away on it? Are you going to trade it in? You have to know what you want to do with the boat," Bob says.

Catamaran Guru Sailing School Students Made Good

Sailing SchoolsDave, a 20+ year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and his wife, Peggy, did their ASA live-aboard sailing school course with us in the Bahamas in 2009. They fell in love with the lifestyle and made the decision to sell their house, buy a catamaran, and do a sabbatical on their 42ft Fountaine Pajot catamaran upon retirement.

After a wonderful adventure on the eastern seaboard around Chesapeake Bay and then through the Bahamas on board Simplicity, they sold her and moved to the Pacific Northwest coast, closer to family. Though family duty called, the call of sailing soon pulled them back as Dave took a job as a yacht broker. A short time later, Dave and Peggy acquired Bellhaven Yacht Sales and Charters and have become local celebrities and their yacht brokerage business is thriving!

Kanina Sailing School Business

catamaran guru helped the owners of the kanina sailing school business find and purchase their catamaran and put it into business

Kanina, a Prout 45, was in yacht charter management service for 4 years and prior to retiring to Texas where her owners eagerly awaited her arrival.

With Catamaran Guru's help, Arno and Irene set Kanina up in our "Yacht as a Business" program in the Bahamas with great results. Then Kanina came to retire with her owners in Texas and transitioned from a business yacht to their personal yacht.

This is what the owners say: "Stephen, I finished my taxes today as pulled the KANINA Inc & Exp into a summary spreadsheet. General observations are that you were pretty close with most of the expenses on a % basis...Pretty much as per the planned 4-year business plan. Good time to move the boat to TX!" Happy sailing!"

For more information on how to set up a sailing school business, contact us and see the website.



Lady Katlo Sailing Catamaran Charter Business

lady katlo yacht charter owners at the helm Mackie and Kathy started out as two novices in the world of yacht chartering when they first bought their Lagoon 450 "Katlo" two years ago. They learned fast and very quickly as they built a wonderful reputation as one of the best crewed catamarans in the BVI. They loved Katlo and the experience so much that they decided to get a Lagoon 620 "Lady Katlo" for the ultimate in crewed charter luxury. They have an amazing 3-person crew with an experienced captain, award-winning chef and attentive steward. Lady Katlo sails the Virgin Islands, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and beyond. Lady Katlo is truly your tranquil home away from home. We had the privilege of spending a few days on board Lady Katlo and we can attest to her excellence!

If you are interested in setting up a crewed charter business for your catamaran, contact us for a consultation.

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