Used Boats are Selling & Tips for Buying a Catamaran!

Tips for Buying a Catamaran

In this video, Stephen and yacht broker, Terry Singh, discuss some of the most important considerations when choosing a catamaran. They are not only experienced boat brokers, but also, boat owners and long-time cruisers themselves.

Used Catamaran Inventory: Despite all the doom and gloom, sales are strong in our brokerage section! We have picked up a few good buys for our clients lately and we believe there will be more to come. Judging by the last few weeks’ activity on Catamaran Guru brokerage, we think that there will likely be a good number of used boats coming on to the market. There also seem to be a good number of buyers looking for catamarans at good prices.

Terry Singh from the Catamaran Guru brokerage team says: “We do believe there will be opportunity for the sailing and cruising community that industry professionals such as the Catamaran Guru team will watch for, and as trusted advisors will ensure, is shared with our existing and prospective catamaran buyers. There will be some great buys and others not so great. Given our knowledge and singular focus on our buyer’s needs, we are able to sort through numerous data points to home in on where the true value is for our clients”.

Get a Deal on a NEW Catamaran! We have picked up a few good deals from other dealerships trying to get rid of their new boats straight out of the factories. Some of these boat are being sold below factory cost. Two such gems are a Lagoon 42 & Lagoon 46, currently located in La Rochelle, France. If you are in the market for a boat, be aware that these deals come and go, so take advantage of these deals and other potential deals coming up by signing up for our newsletter or contact us directly for pricing and availability!

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Additional tips for buying a catamaran:



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