42ft Catamaran Models Comparisons

We compare the specifications, dimensions, sail area, and pricing on the most popular 42ft catamarans in 2020. The Lagoon 42, Bali 4.2, FP Astrea 42, and Leopard 42 are within a similar price range and dimensions, but there are major differences. Let’s compare apples to apples to see how the match up.

42Ft Catamaran Model Specifications

42ft Catamaran Deck Layout Comparisons

42ft Catamaran Flybridge Layout Comparison

42ft Catamaran Sail Plan Comparisons

42ft Catamaran Cabin Layouts Comparisons

3-Cabin Layout

4-Cabin Layout

The Bali 4.2 and Leopard 42 models are brand new and not actually built yet while the Lagoon 42 and FP Astrea 42 models have been around for a few years now and both are very popular models for cruising couples. So how will the two newbies stack up?

Compare 42ft Catamaran Interior Features

  • The Bali 4.2 has all the popular and successful trademarks expected of the Bali catamaran range. It has the huge open platform which provides a convertible indoor/outdoor living space using tilting “garage door” that lifts up into the ceiling. The convertible door is a unique feature on the Bali. When open, it look like a much bigger catamaran. The Bali 4.2 also features a door in the front of the salon that opens up onto the expansive forward cockpit. With the 4.2 Bali has adopted the newer trend of “Jack & Jill” bathrooms in the 4-cabin version which creates more space in the cabins. The big American-style refrigerator is another popular feature especially for families and liveaboards.
  • The Lagoon 42 is one of the most popular models for cruising couples. She is a beefy and a very comfortable liveaboard catamaran with an oversized cockpit. The mast is centered in the salon which could be a deal breaker for some, but considering how many L42s we have sold, it does not seem to bother the people who own and adore them. The galley lacks storage, but there is space available to add cabinets and baskets. The cabins are ample with island beds and plenty of storage, particularly the owner’s cabin. It features the “Jack & Jill” bathrooms in the 4-cabin version, a great use of space.
  • The Leopard 42 features all the popular and successful trademarks of the hugely successful Leopard 50. Like its big sister, it features the opening door to an intimate forward cockpit. The semi-raised helm station and “upper lounge area” is a very well done and a great feature for cruisers. It is luxuriously finished and all bunks are island berths that allow access from both sides. The forward-facing galley is well-designed.
  • The Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 is plush and comfortable catamaran with a well-appointed galley and sliding doors that open the salon up to the very big cockpit. The cabins are a nicely sized and spacious with island beds.

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What are your thoughts?

The Bali 4.2 and Leopard 42 models are brand new and not actually built yet while the Lagoon 42 and FP Astrea 42 models have been around for a few years now and both are very popular models for cruising couples. So how will the two newbies stack up?


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4 thoughts on “42ft Catamaran Models Comparisons”

  1. I have two specs that I would like to see on all four of these. The first is holding tank capacity. I find the holding tank capacity on most boats insufficient for live aboards. The other is air draft. The 42 foot and below range are ones that in the Southern US we have bridge anxiety. I would like to know if any of these have an ICW friendly mast option and what the height is.

    1. Estelle Cockcroft

      Jay thank you for the comments! They are all good questions. We will have a good spec sheet and hopefully all the answers you may have during our Zoom Bali discussion on August 27th. Join our newsletter to receive a notice about the Zoom discussion in your mailbox.


    Thanks for the comparison chart… It’s a great start!

    In addition to Jay’s request… I would like to see some sort of price/performance/construction comparison too.

    I’ve been a mono-hull sailor and live-aboard all of my life, but really am a novice with catamarans. I’m fairly familiar with the Leopard 44, having chartered them several times and really like them. I’m anxious to find out about what else is out there so I can make the best decision possible for my next boat. I’m really interested in a cat because I feel like I can sail a catamaran further into my later years then a mono hull.


    1. Estelle Cockcroft

      Ron, I suggest you join the Bali Discussion if you can on the 27th of August [2020] on Zoom. Many of these questions will be answered during that discussion. As regards to your question about “price/performance/construction comparison” – I am not too sure what you want to know. I have added base prices in the comparison charts for all the models. The weight vs sail area (power) has some impact of course but for hulls of similar water length and hull shapes as these models have, performance for all four models will be similar, give or take a knot or so.

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