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Large Catamarans - How To Own & Operate Them

Lagoon 620 For SaleOver the last five years we have represented a number of buyers who have purchased large catamarans for personal use and who have placed their yachts into different charter programs. It seems the current trend in catamaran ownership is to go bigger! Most of our owners of catamarans over 50ft, place these catamarans into one of several crewed charter programs. The basic idea is that the boat is operated as a business, which enables the owner to reduce the cost of ownership through the use of available tax advantages and income from charter to pay for the boat.

We have sold large catamarans of different brands, of which the more popular ones are Lagoon 77, Lagoon 620, Fountaine Pajot 57 (and now the Ipanema 58), Lagoon 52, Fountaine Pajot 50 and Voyage 500. All our owners in these programs have successfully created small businesses and achieved their ultimate goals.

Examples Of Crewed Charter Programs

  • By-the-Cabin Charter Yacht ProgramLagoon 620 For Sale

Charter companies like Dream Yacht and The Moorings offer by-the-cabin charters on their bigger catamarans that allow charter guests to enjoy an all-inclusive luxury crewed charter for the price of a stateroom. The boat can also be reserved as a private charter for one party by booking all the cabins. It is very affordable and very popular with charterers.

The boat owner places the boat into service with a crew, with one of these companies. The charter company is responsible for bookings and management and the owners get to use the boat for up to eight weeks a year, fully crewed and catered. These programs normally run for 72 months and the owner is paid 8.5% guaranteed income per annum by the charter company and has no out of pocket expenses to operate the boat except to pay the mortgage. We have several owners in this program, operating very successfully in the Caribbean. Contact Us To Learn More>>

  • Fully Crewed Luxury Charter Yacht - Owner Operator

In this case, the owners live aboard, are personally the crew, and operate their catamaran as a business. Owners make their “home” their business and enjoy the idyllic sailing lifestyle. There are two options available to the owner operator. The first is being associated with a charter company that has the benefit of a robust booking system and good support through the charter company’s base and infrastructure. The second option is to operate independently and rely on independent charter booking agents to bring business.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and it is something the owner calculates and decides which would be best for them. We have helped several couples put this together. Hank & Michaele of catamaran "Feel the Magic" and Kristiann & Graham of catamaran Allende are two such couples. According to Hank and Michaele, "…this experience has far exceeded anything we could ever have imagined." Both these couples live-aboard on their beautiful catamarans. Chartering their boats allows them to enjoy a lifestyle rich in experience and they get to do what they love!

  • Fully Crewed Luxury Charter - Independent Operator

Lady Katlo, a Lagoon 620, falls into this category. As busy professionals, the owners, Kathy and Mackie's time to run a yacht charter is limited, so they hired a professional crew to operate the boat. It gives them peace of mind and they have the boat moved to the location of their choosing whenever they want to use it. "We like to fly to our yacht, get on board, relax, and enjoy the lifestyle immediately," explains Mackie. Best of all, not only do they get to enjoy the yacht, but the costs of owning Lady Katlo are significantly reduced through tax advantages and charter income. Check out this stunning 62-foot catamaran in the video at right. 

Lady Katlo is currently in a crewed charter business in the BVI. Stephen and I have some history with Lady Katlo. We were the brokers in 2013 when Kathy and Mackie bought the catamaran. They have become good friends and we have spent some relaxation time on Lady Katlo in the BVI. Having never been on a crewed boat, we were skeptical whether we would enjoy the experience since we are avid sailors ourselves. But at the end of the trip, the answer was a resounding, "YES!". We loved it and we highly recommend it! (read our review on the Lagoon 620 and tips for crewed charters here).

2010 Lagoon 620, Lady Katlo, For Sale!

The owners of Lady Katlo is ready to sell and move on to other projects. The have asked us to represent them again in the sale of this beautiful catamaran. Yes, she is for sale as a going concern at a great price!

  • She has a proven charter track record,
  • is well known by the charter brokers in the Caribbean
  • she is very well equipped with upgraded and brand new equipment through-out
  • and is in better-than-new condition.

Check out her listing here: 2010 Lagoon 620, "Lady Katlo" catamaran for sale OR Contact Us for more information on Lady Katlo.


If "Crewed Yacht Charter Ownership" piques your interest, we also have a new Lagoon 620 and Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58 available for delivery this year for placement into crewed yacht charter service in the Caribbean. If you want to learn more about this type of ownership and the advantages that it brings, please contact us directly. 


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