Crewed Charter Business Opportunity!

Offset the Cost of the Yacht by Using the New CARRY BACK tax rules!

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  • Recover taxes paid in past years to offset the cost of the yacht purchase.
  • Cover all the costs of ownership including the mortgage payments with income and tax advantages – the boat pays for itself!
  • Enhance your lifestyle with owner use of the vessel and enjoy the pride of ownership
  • LAGOON 620’s & BALI 5.4’s available in this program
  • Virgin Islands and Bahamas locations
  • “Owner Operator” option available for those who want to make a career change and be involved full time

Crewed Charter Sector is Strong & Growing! The majority of the new boats that we sold in the last two years are bigger cats, 48 ft and bigger. They will all be going into our crewed charter program in different parts of the Bahamas and Caribbean. Some of these catamarans are owner operated cats and others have employed professional crew to operate their boats. We have had phenomenal success in this niche area of the industry and our owners in this program are extremely happy.

We believe that this part of the industry will rise up stronger and faster than any other part of the charter boat industry when the season starts up again. These boats pretty much operate independently within the charter company structure, so the financial health of the company does not affect them at all. Most of these owners are also financially stable and, while not the preferred scenario, can carry the boat for a few months until things get back on track if need be.

Crewed Yacht Charyer

We will have at least ten new catamarans in this program in the Caribbean and Bahamas at the beginning of the season. They are mainly bigger Bali catamarans, which have proven to become more and more successful in the industry. We also have a couple of bigger Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot catamarans also entering the fleet, so there is a wide range of boats to choose from.

Stephen Cockcroft from Catamaran Guru says: “Once people can travel again towards the end of the year (2020), we believe they will want to go for that luxury boat vacation, but within an intimate and controlled environment with a few friends or family. The price per person is very reasonable and the service is exceptional. You simply arrive at the boat and immediately start enjoying the hospitality and amenities. There is no wait time to be checked out by staff and you have no responsibility for the running of the vessel. And if you would like to “participate” in sailing and learn about the boat, the crew would be happy to teach you! It’s a win-win! These crewed boats offer exactly that relatively inexpensive luxury experience! We have received very encouraging news from the booking agents that our boats are getting good inquiries and bookings despite the COVID-19 hiccup”.

Want to discuss OWNING A CREWED CHARTER boat? Let’s set up a meeting on Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype, or phone.

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