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Mark Thompson / Yacht Broker

PH: 1-803-280-0881


Mark is a licensed yacht salesperson with Catamaran Guru™. As a longtime sailing instructor, he brings a wealth of boating experience and catamaran knowlege to help individuals select their boat based on how they plan to use them. Mark is a Chief Instructor having worked with hundreds of students on in-depth sailing skills and the nuances of operating catamarans. He has a passion for instilling how to smoothly and silently communicate and operate large catamarans.


Sailing Career Highlights

  • Sailing educator accredited under NauticEd & RYA
  • Instructor for basic, intermediate, and advanced sailing, especially catamarans.

Working with Mark

Mark's passion for sailing is infectious. His patient, calm demeanor rubs off on his students and his yacht-buying clients. Whatever your level of sailing experience and expertise, time spent with Mark will inspire you to learn more about sailing and boating.


On a Personal Note

Mark grew up in Melbourne, Australia. After a real estate career converting urban office buildings into trendy apartments, he took a break to travel the world. During that adventure, while driving through Viareggio, Italy, he discovered that people could make a living sailing. The thought came to mind, "You mean I get paid to sail?".


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Mark Thompson

Licensed & Bonded Yacht & Ship Broker Associate




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