Steele Greyling, RYA Sailing Instructor & Yacht Broker

Steele Greyling Yacht Broker and RYA Sailing Instructor

Hollywood, FL
Steele Greyling / RYA Sailing Instructor & Yacht Broker

Steele Greyling has lived aboard, made many passages, and been an RYA instructor for years. He is is our chief RYA instructor and as a broker is uniquely qualified to help catamaran buyers select the boat that is right for them. Steele’s qualifications include:

  • RYA Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean
  • RYA Yachtmaster Instructors
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 Instructor
  • SAS Commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Coastal for Power and Sail

Email: | PH: (305) 778 6507

Steele’s passion for sailing started at the age of 6 when he started sailing with his family aboard their Island Spirit 40 catamaran, “Jelly Blue”. His love of the ocean and sailing steered him towards a career in yachting and he became one of the youngest RYA sailing instructors in South Africa. 

He has since sailed thousands of miles around the South African seaboard, teaching and certifying new sailors. He has also done countless ocean deliveries of which the most recent one is the delivery on the Balance 70 from Cape Town to the Caribbean. 

Steele’s calm approach to teaching, easy going nature, coupled with the love for the ocean, provides a solid foundation for sharing knowledge with novices and the more experienced sailors. 

His extensive experience and assessment of people’s needs places him in a unique position to provide yacht brokerage services to buyers and sellers alike. Steele has a very deep and broad knowledge of sailing boats, which can be used to your advantage when you enlist his help as a buyer’s broker or to sell your yacht.

Steele's Testimonials are Amazing

...this from sailing school student, fernando...

I want to leave my opinion of my learning lesson with Steele this past week.
  • The boat was in good condition and very clean.
  • The (short) week was fruitful and I feel I learned a lot.
  • The best part was Steele. He was always eager to answer our questions, repeat his instructions when necessary, and explain the whys and the hows of every action required.
Steele made the learning trip a pleasant one. He was always in a great mood, always positive, and always ready to engage with his students. Needless to say that Steele knows sooooo much about sailing. In sum, Steele is an incredible guy, nice to spend time with, and extremely knowledgeable. Would I recommend your services? I already did 😊. Congrats on your operation. You created a great company. People like Steele make the difference. In these times, having good team members has become harder. — Fernando S., sailing school student

...this from new catamaran owners, the fishers...

My wife and I are new sailing catamaran owners. When we purchased our catamaran, we had many years of boating experience, but only had minimal sailing experience. The Catamaran Guru Sailing School was just what we needed.

Steele was the ideal instructor for our needs. He has extensive professional blue water sailing experience AND he also has an uncanny ability to transfer a great deal of knowledge to his students in a patient, effective and fun manner.

We learned so much in a short period of time during our week at sea. Steele taught us in a way that helped us easily retain the information and we continue to build upon the skills we learned from him.

Few people I’ve met in my life have Steele’s level of competence to inspire self-confidence in others.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Catamaran Guru Sailing School. There was never a dull moment. Our only regret is that is that it wasn’t longer.

— The Fishers, “Tom Sawyer

...this from a seaschool student, john colton...

Steele is an excellent instructor. He was able to quickly determine my skill level and goals; he tailored my course to
cover exactly what I needed and moved at a perfect pace.

I left as a far better sailor than when I arrived and I achieved exactly what I was hoping and more. Minutes after being aboard, I felt comfortable. I asked dozens of questions and Steele never missed a beat!

I will happily recommend Steele to anyone looking to improve their skills on a catamaran and I look forward to my next
class with Catamaran Guru.

— John Colton

...this from sailing academy students...

My wife and I spent the last week on the Bali with Steele.

He was a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge. We really enjoyed our time with him and now feel confident to handle our own boat.

Hopefully we can come back and get the next certification soon. Thank you, Steele and Catamaran Guru team!

— Mike & Jacqui Dalton