Insider Secrets for Finding Cheap Flights

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I found this great article by Allison Kade on on how to find cheap airfares. All yachties travel at some point from their boat to a destination or the other way around to visit family, do a delivery, or just vacation from the liveaboard "vacation".

Air travel can become a very expensive proposition. I am always on the lookout for cheap fares. This article does not only tell where to get the cheaper fares but gives you the tools to ferret out the deals!

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Cruisers Health & Medical Insurance

Boat Medical KitCruisers generally live a healthy lifestyle, but we have to be vigilant and be prepared especially when travelling in countries with issues like malaria, cholera, or hepatitis. You should have a basic knowledge of first aid and be able to do CPR. Below we share some resources for cruisers about medical emergencies, first aid, medical kits, and health insurance companies for travellers including cruisers.

< Debbie, a qualified nurse and favored crew aboard catamaran Zuri, checking the medical kit for our ocean passage.

First Things First

Take First Aid Courses

I recommend doing a first aid / CPR course with the Red Cross. You will learn what actions to take in an emergency situation and this immediate action could mean the difference between a good or very bad outcome. No need to be an expert, but know what to do when necessary. You will feel much calmer and in control during an emergency if you have knowledge and have practiced basic first aid.

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Making Your Cruising Dream A Reality

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to go cruising, but cannot decide when to leave?

A: The answer is simple. If I had started my sailing career today being a veteran sailor, I don't believe I would have left the dock at all, ever! The more I learned about what a boat should look like, how big it should be, the right gear, the training needed, funds needed, piracy on the high seas, the requisite and endless to-do lists, books, blogs, and seemingly endless advice from the "gallery", the more it seems that what we had done when we cast the dock lines off in Cape Town harbor in 1992 was insanity! Looking back now, I am thrilled that this particular "treasure trove" of information was unavailable to us in the third world because had it been, we would still be in Cape Town reading about other people's sailing adventures!

When we left Cape Town, I (Estelle) had no idea how to sail. We did do a sailing course with an instructor one weekend but it never sunk in that 'world cruising' is not quite like a day sail, you know...when you can actually get away from the nightmare rocking and sea sickness. Navigation was merely a stack of charts taking up space in my saloon and passage making was never discussed...or was it?

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