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Z3 Bali 5.4 Sails designFrom Our Sail Designer, Quantum Sails

quantum sails logoby Andrew Waters, Quantum Sails

When Stephen and Estelle approached Quantum Sails to build them a downwind sail for “Z3” that would propel them westward across the Atlantic in the ARC Rally, we discussed some very specific requirements.

  1. It must be durable enough to fly in the upper wind ranges of the trade winds and what can be expected in a Transatlantic crossing.
  2. It must be easy to handle.
  3. It must be able to be flown from either bow in order to sail deep angles at speed.

This required a fabric choice to be made and a design plan to be put in place. Myself and Doug Stewart – one of Quantum Sails’ most experienced sail designers – discussed the project and determined that for durability, we would use the nylon fabric called Nylite. The sail design would include ample running shape and additional fabric strength in the higher load bearing corners.

In addition, we incorporated an ATN sleeve for easy deployment and fast dousing, if needed.

This set-up we expect will see the Bali 5.4, Z3, as a formidable contender in the Transatlantic ARC Rally race.

I thrive on these projects and the challenges that we are asked to meet, in turn it has been a pleasure to work with both Stephen and Estelle at Catamaran Guru, and I wish them all the very best on the upcoming crossing, sail hard guys and look forward to seeing again when you finish!

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