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Looking for Dockage or Yacht Management in the BVI?

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At the Annapolis boat show, we were fortunate to meet Todd Patterson, owner of B&G Yacht Management in Soper's Hole on Tortola. We found his experience impressive and thought it a good idea to share with our followers and clients who might need help with their boats in the BVI. Our clients with charter boats have all the minutia of boat ownership taken care of for them. And when they are ready to enjoy their owners' weeks, all they have to do is go and maybe do a little provisioning. But those who do not place their boats in charter are left to take care of all the details before, during, and after cruising. But, after meeting Todd, we found out that in the BVI, there is an excellent option.

Iridium GO! Review For Sailing Cruisers

GONeed to stay connected while at sea? If you are working while cruising like we are, the answer is YES! Many cruising sailors struggle with finding a workable and affordable solution for communications while at sea or in remote locations. Stephen and I discovered the Iridium GO! last year while shopping for a global mobile communications solution for our new Lagoon 450S. It worked so well for our needs that it basically set us free to roam the planet.

Technology has come a long way in telecommunications and mobility since we first set sail more than 25 years ago! Back then, we used an SSB radio to get weather and stay in touch with other cruisers. Later, in 2004, for our ocean crossing from Africa to South America, we used a satellite phone. Both SSB radios and satellite phones are still viable options and work well. But a Sat phone's equipment and airtime are expensive. The SSB equipment is also expensive, is not portable, and requires a bit of a learning curve.

Iridium GO!: Our Current Communications Set-Up At Sea

Iridium Go

UPDATED 08/16/16 See our new article, Iridium GO! Review for details on how we set it up and how we used it.

For our upcoming ocean passage we are planning to use the Iridium GO!. Crossing from the Canary Islands to Miami will take us about 20 days. During that time, we have to be in contact with our clients. Not only will we be selling boats, we will also be closing on some deals. So, communication is vital to us. We have done a lot of research for the best option and the Iridium GO! unit sounds like the perfect choice for us. It’s designed for data and voice with an “unlimited data” plan, so high per-minute data charges should not be an issue.

How To Save On Internet Data While Blue-Water Cruising

Siyaya Nav Station2Looking to spend less on internet data while sailing the world? Unlimited data and bandwidths that will stream video that most North American landlubbers enjoy on their computers and mobile phones are not a reality for seagoing cruisers. We have a mobile business and are fairly reliant on the Internet. We have done some homework and research to try and find the best way to stay connected, save on usage and expense and therefor be free to roam the world. We would like to share some of our tips…and hope you will let us know if you have a tip for reducing the cost of internet data usage while cruising.

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