Catamaran Energy Independence & Power Management

Multi-Source Power Generation on Your BoatThe key to worry-free energy generation on a catamaran is to have multiple sources of power. Keep reading to see our VIDEO.

One of the things many of us love about sailing is the idea of getting off the grid. But that has often led to great sacrifice. Those of us who have been cruisers and liveaboards for decades often joke about the early days when sailing dreams sometimes became nightmares when your batteries failed or your generator packed up. A lot of those things we can laugh about now but it felt like real hardships then. 

Recent improvements and innovations in energy generation and efficiency changed everything. Now, a cold sundowner or three to close out the day, cool air to sleep while in the Tropics, hot showers, fresh water by the gallons, and delectable salads and meats enjoyed anytime you like, is not considered total luxuries on a boat any more. Recent innovations have made all that possible. 

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Renaming Your Boat

poseidon neptune god seasRenaming your yacht is an important decision, especially if your yacht will be in charter as it is a significant part of its brand and can draw or repel interest in chartering your boat.

Due to playing it safe to avoid bad luck, many boat owners are adamantly against renaming a boat. According to maritime legend, simply updating your boat’s name on the vessel and in your records could result in a curse leaving the owners and crew with a legacy of problems and perils. We, and other experienced seafarers, recommend you follow the proper renaming ceremony process of denaming the boat then naming anew as not to annoy the gods of sea and wind.

The bad luck mojo superstition for changing a boat’s name is attributed to the Romans and Greeks who believed the deities of the sea kept close watch on each boat on the ocean. When these revered gods perceived appreciation and gratitude from the captain and crew, they blessed the vessels with good sailing.

However, if the gods of the seas and wind felt discredited or ignored, they could annoy the sailors with trouble sometimes putting them in danger. So, the denaming and naming ceremonies are about avoiding the sea deities’ wrath to avert bad fortune for boat and crew.

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Buying a New Boat in Foreign Country...Navigating Pitfalls

bali 5.4 catamaran named z3 near spainThere are a many benefits and challenges to buying a new boat anywhere. But one has to accept that it will be a little (a lot?) harder to complete the boat buying and outfitting process from afar. We are more experienced than most as we completed a new boat purchase in a foreign country with our Lagoon and many times over with yacht-buying clients. But no matter how experienced, there some things that you just cannot anticipate.

New Boat Decisions, Decisions...

Decisions about every option are required including really big key decisions such as the layout on the boat at a deadline far in advance of delivery. And no changes will be accepted after that date. Last-minute changes just cannot be done in a production boat or the shipyard's production schedule is held up affecting all boat owners anticipating delivery.

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Z3 Bali 5.4 Sails designFrom Our Sail Designer, Quantum Sails

quantum sails logoby Andrew Waters, Quantum Sails

When Stephen and Estelle approached Quantum Sails to build them a downwind sail for “Z3” that would propel them westward across the Atlantic in the ARC Rally, we discussed some very specific requirements.

  1. It must be durable enough to fly in the upper wind ranges of the trade winds and what can be expected in a Transatlantic crossing.
  2. It must be easy to handle.
  3. It must be able to be flown from either bow in order to sail deep angles at speed.

This required a fabric choice to be made and a design plan to be put in place. Myself and Doug Stewart – one of Quantum Sails' most experienced sail designers – discussed the project and determined that for durability, we would use the nylon fabric called Nylite. The sail design would include ample running shape and additional fabric strength in the higher load bearing corners.

In addition, we incorporated an ATN sleeve for easy deployment and fast dousing, if needed.

This set-up we expect will see the Bali 5.4, Z3, as a formidable contender in the Transatlantic ARC Rally race.

I thrive on these projects and the challenges that we are asked to meet, in turn it has been a pleasure to work with both Stephen and Estelle at Catamaran Guru™, and I wish them all the very best on the upcoming crossing, sail hard guys and look forward to seeing again when you finish!

Contact Quantum Sails: Andrew Waters

Applying for an MMSI License

MMSI NUMBERA Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a 9-digit number used to identify a ship radio. If you're a US boater and plan on traveling to or communicating with a foreign port, you can get an MMSI number by applying for a ship station license through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). However, if you're a domestic boater and don't plan on communicating with foreign ports, you may still want an MMSI. This number allows you to make emergency calls from your boat and can be a real lifesaver. Boat organizations authorized by the FCC and US Coast Guard assign MMSIs to recreational boaters.

Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit

At least one person on each vessel sailing or communicating internationally must have a Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit. This requirement is in addition to the requirement to have a ship radio station license for the vessel. No Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit is required to operate VHF radio equipment on board a vessel when that vessel is sailing domestically. You may obtain a Restricted Permit using FCC Form 605. No test is required to obtain this permit. The permit when issued will be valid for your lifetime. The fee for a Restricted Permit is in addition to any fee paid for a ship license.


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