Top 10 Preparations for Rescue at Sea

prepare for coast guard rescue at sea

Before Sailing, Prevent & Prepare for Rescue at Sea

Before setting sail, most of us have a detailed checklist for safety, provisions, etc. and you are likely faithfully avoiding maritime superstitions, LOL!. But seriously, so many sailors do not give enough thought to being ready for a rescue at sea.

Sure, the odds are low you will be in this situation, but it takes very little to improve your chances of the best outcome if the worst happens.

Keep reading for our top 10 list for preparing for a rescue at sea.

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Save Money at West Marine

how west marine price match guarantee works

Make The West Marine Price Match Guarantee Work for You

As most boaters (in the US) know, West Marine carries the variety and quality products that make it a top go-to place for all things boating. From parts to recreational equipment to clothing, if you love being on or near the water, West Marine can help you make the most of your time and money.

If you have not used it, give West Marine's price match guarantee a try. It takes less time and will save you more money than you think. We've done it and west Marine did not hesitate to stand behind the price match guarantee.

How the Price Match Guarantee Works

If you find a lower price on a product at a local retail store, in a local retail store's circular, or on Amazon, West Marine will match that price within 30 days of purchase. This means that:

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Hanham Insurance Agency: Yacht Insurance FAQ's


Hugo Hanham-Gross founded Hanham Insurance Agency with the aim of providing yacht owners tailored Hugo Hanham Gross Insuranceyacht insurance coverage and exceptional client service. He has since built a reputation amongst cruisers for exceptional client service, the best coverage and competitive premiums. Hugo is also our own insurance broker and he has done a great job for us and all of our clients. He has helped several of our clients with insurance claims, with the best possible outcomes. We highly recommend Hugo!


What is your agency’s name, location and who is the underwriter? Who handles claims? Where do you provide insurance coverage?

Hanham Insurance Agency is a specialist yacht insurance brokerage with a strong focus on attentive, fast client service. Hanham Insurance Agency is based in Charleston, SC and specializes in coverage for yacht owners on the US East Coast and Caribbean but are able to cover cruisers worldwide.

Hanham Insurance Agency writes with most US Carriers as well as Lloyds of London carriers. Each carrier has an in house claims service, but Hanham Insurance Agency remains involved in the claims process to ensure that clients are treated fairly. A claim is always a stressful situation and Hanham Insurance Agency guides their clients through the whole process. While they are selective about the clients they work with, they are always happy to have a conversation and advise any boat owner that needs help with insurance.

Phone: +1-843-410-2990


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How To Christen A Catamaran Sailboat

A boat christening ceremony is a fun way to introduce your boat to friends and family and we always encourage our friends and clients to do a proper ceremony in keeping with tradition to ensure safe passages for of the crew and the vessel. Sailors of old were very superstitious and even today we heed their warnings of bad luck at sea!

Ancient sailors believed in various superstitions to improve their chances of survival at sea. Today, most of these beliefs / superstitions are considered outdated, but many modern sailors continue to observe some of the traditions like the christening and naming of a boat. A proper christening ceremony will make you and your boat part of a nautical tradition rooted in ancient times, not to mention, safety and good luck at sea!

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What is Your Sailing Superstition?

no bananas on board is a sailing superstitionLikely because of the dangers that sailors and fishermen faced as they braved the sea and elements, there are numerous superstitions about what to do and not do aboard boats. Safety and luck on the sea were frequent topics in the lore of sailing. And probably some rum-embued creativity has gone into some superstitions as some seem suspiciously untrue today.

Read more to see if our comic featuring our top ten sailing superstitions rings true for you. Be sure to comment if you have other superstitions!

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