How To Christen A Catamaran Sailboat

A boat christening ceremony is a fun way to introduce your boat to friends and family and we always encourage our friends and clients to do a proper ceremony in keeping with tradition to ensure safe passages for of the crew and the vessel. Sailors of old were very superstitious and even today we heed their warnings of bad luck at sea!

Ancient sailors believed in various superstitions to improve their chances of survival at sea. Today, most of these beliefs / superstitions are considered outdated, but many modern sailors continue to observe some of the traditions like the christening and naming of a boat. A proper christening ceremony will make you and your boat part of a nautical tradition rooted in ancient times, not to mention, safety and good luck at sea!

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What is Your Sailing Superstition?

no bananas on board is a sailing superstitionLikely because of the dangers that sailors and fishermen faced as they braved the sea and elements, there are numerous superstitions about what to do and not do aboard boats. Safety and luck on the sea were frequent topics in the lore of sailing. And probably some rum-embued creativity has gone into some superstitions as some seem suspiciously untrue today.

Read more to see if our comic featuring our top ten sailing superstitions rings true for you. Be sure to comment if you have other superstitions!

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Internet Access On A Cruising Boat

Battling with internet access onboard your boat? A cruising couple from s/v Bloom found an affordable solution that may work for most cruisers!

Wirie proCruisers all over the world are constantly looking for ways to get affordable internet access offshore or simply when coastal cruising. We have been very happy with the IridiumGo! setup for remote and offshore sailing. It allows us to send and receive email, make phone calls, messaging and of course get our all-important weather forecasting, all at a cost of $125/month (equipment cost vary form $700- $900). Cheap at the price if we can conduct business while exploring less traveled places.

However, for good and mostly free internet access when coastal cruising or island hopping, cruisers typically try to connect to “open” or unlocked WiFi networks. This is a hit or miss situation and in most cases impossible to do from your boat at anchor. There are several WiFi-boosting solutions like the Rogue Wave or the Wirie, which all offer different ranges, setups and features. Essentially this is an external antenna that you mount outside your boat and connect via an ethernet cable to a router inside your boat to boost the WiFi signal coming into the boat. You then create your own password protected ‘network’. But you are restricted by the quality of WiFi being broadcast from the shore.

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Membership in Boat US Has Its Benefits

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How beneficial is a BoatUS membership for sailors? Well, we found out just how valuable a service that is while sailing in the Chesapeake Bay with our friends on their catamaran. We were nearing the Bay Bridge, motoring back to AnnapolisBoat US (there was no wind) when suddenly both his engines failed. After much cursing, diagnostics and antics, we gave up.

Bob had no way to get the catamaran back to a safe harbor and was slowly drifting towards the Bay bridge. We maneuvered him to a safe spot, threw down the anchor and called his TowboatUS Service. It was as easy as that! They were there within the hour and towed him safely back to Annapolis. We were sold and decided to become members.

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Maz Ocean Marine Electronics & Catamaran Refits

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Our long-time friends, Craig & Hannah from Maz Ocean, offer a wide variety of marine equipment upgrades and repairs. From marine electronics installations to underwater lights and awesome marine-worthy sound systems, they can help you. Their team of certified technicians are located in Dania Beach in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area.

We send a lot of our yacht owner clients to them as they offer one-on-one personal service and innovative custom solutions for navigation, communications, security, monitoring, lighting, or electrical supply for your boat (generally over 40 feet) like this refit project of a Lagoon 620. Craig and his team also managed a $300,000 refit on our own catamaran, so we highly recommend them. They do quality work on high dollar installations as well as smaller projects with the same enthusiasm and care.

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