2018 Catamaran Guru Rendezvous Roundup

The first annual Catamaran Guru Rendezvous was a smashing success with 30 catamarans and 90+ sailors in attendance! Check out the videos and pictures below to see all the fun, fun, fun activities!

One of our objectives was to host a non commercial rendezvous for the catamaran sailing community and for everybody to enjoy their boats and fellow sailors, no matter the brand, size or age of the cat. We definitely did that and made friends far and wide!


A great big thank you to the sponsors, catamaran owners, their families and friends, all our “helpers” and we hope to see everyone again next year!

catamaran Rendezvous group picture

VIDEO: Announcing 2019 Catamaran Guru Rendezvous

Watch the video below to hear what the sailors have to say about the parties, beach games, sailing and competitions AND for the ANNOUNCEMENT for the 2019 RENDEZVOUS and reserve your place!

YouTube video

Sign Up: May 26th – 29th, 2019

VIDEO: Spinnaker Workshop, Catamaran Guru Regatta & Lagoon “Rumbrella Race”

YouTube video

Spinnaker Workshop & Knowledge Sharing

Spinnaker training

 Lagoon “Rumbrella” Race!


Catamaran Guru Supports Hope Town Youth Sailing Programs


Catamaran Guru Regatta Winners

Catamarans in Action!



VIDEO: Wally’s Welcome Party,  Seaspray Costume Party & Prize-giving

YouTube video

Beach Games at Grabber Beach Bar & Tahiti Beach!

Competition winners

Grabbers Party & Ferry Ride

Grabbers Party

It’s a Party!


Catamaran Guru Swag Bags, Sponsors and the “Guru” Team Members

Catamaran Guru swag


Catamaran Guru Rendezvous Sponsors

Brown & Brown Insurance    Dedicated marine sponsors all catamaran rendezvous       Black Tortuga Logo     maz ocean sponsors all catamaran rendezvousdoyle sails sponsors all catamaran rendezvous                lagoon catamaran sponsors all catamaran rendezvous          Hollywood 02     Champagne graphics sponsors all catamaran rendezvous          FP logoVacay sponsors the all catarman rendezvous          sirius signalsponsors all catamaran rendezvous     leopard catamarans sponsors all catamaran rendezvous         BoatUS sponsors all catamaran rendezvous                  Clean Boat sponsors all catamaran rendezvous       seo buzz internet marketing sponsors all catamaran rendezvous          lh finance sponsors all catamaran rendezvous

bali catamarans logo     dream yacht sales sponsors the all catamaran rendezvousRaymarine Electronics sponsors all catamaran rendezvous in abacos bahamas

Aqua Television Catamaran Guru


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