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lagoon seventy8 motor yacht

lagoon seventy8 aft


Lagoon 78 Catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

Brochure, Specifications, & Layouts

Naval architects: Marc Van Peteghem / Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP)

Exterior style: Patrick Le Quément

Interior design: Nauta Design

Overall length: 78' 1" / 23.8 m

Beam: 36' 1'' / 11 m

Draft: 4' 2" / 1.27 m

Mast clearance: 29' 4" / 8.95 m

Light displacement (EEC): 62,091 t

Fresh water capacity: 2 x 211 US Gal. / 2 x 800 l

Fuel capacity: 2,246 US Gal. / 8,500 l


- Standard: Volvo D11-510 HP

- Optional: John Deere N13-580 HP 

Propeller: Bruntons Θ 816 mm

Transmission: Shaftline

EEC certification: A:14 - B: 18 - C " 24 - D : 40




lagoon seventy8 galley

lagoon seventy8 motor saloon

lagoon seventy8 saloon dining

lagoon seventy8 outdoor dining

lagoon seventy8 master stateroom

lagoon seventy8 bath

lagoon seventy8 crew twin stateroom

lagoon seventy8 cabin suite

lagoon seventy8 cabin

lagoon seventy8 cabin desk

lagoon seventy8 motor yacht

lagoon seventy8 close-up while cruising

lagoon seventy8 foldout teak door

lagoon seventy8 underway

lagoon seventy8 view aft looking through saloon

lagoon seventy8 anchored

lagoon seventy8 forward deck

view from above a lagoon seventy8 catamaran

lagoon seventy8 motor yacht at dusk


Lagoon 50 cruising catamaran

lagoon 50 top view

lagoon 50 Tender lift

lagoon 50 swim platform makes access to the water easy and offers an extra place to sunbathe

lagoon 50 owners cabin

lagoon 50 dressing vanity in owner's cabin

lagoon 50 guest cabin

lagoon 50 ensuite bath

lagoon 50 saloon galley

lagoon 50 outdoor dining

lagoon 50 spacious, light-filled saloon

lagoon 50 cruising

lagoon 50 anchored

Lagoon 50 Catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

Specifications | Brochure

Naval architects: VPLP Design / Patrick Le Quement

Interior design: Nauta Design

Overall length: 48' 5"

Length on waterline: 46' 1"

Overall beam: 26' 7"

Draft: 4' 7"

Mast clearance: 87'

Light displacement (EEC): 45,921 t

Sail area: 1701 sq. ft

Square top mainsail (opt): 1052 sq. ft

Self-tacking jib: 649 sq. ft

Optional assymetrical spinnaker: 2582 sq. ft

Code 0 (option): 1227 sq. ft

Fresh water capacity: 2 x 63 US Gal.

Fuel capacity: 2 x 137 US Gal.

Engine: 2 x 57 HP

EEC certification: A: 12; B:14; C:20; D:30



Check out the key features of the

Lagoon 50 in this video>>

lagoon 40 sails up

lagoon 40 top view

lagoon 40 foredeck lounging

lagoon 40 catamaran cruising

lagoon 40 outdoor dining

lagoon 40 saloon

lagoon 40 galley

lagoon 40 owners cabin

lagoon 40 cabin

lagoon 40 catamaran en suite head

lagoon 40 catamaran for sale by catamaran guru

Lagoon 40 Catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

Specifications | Brochure | Overview Brochure

Naval architects: VPLP Design / Patrick Le Quement

Interior design: Nauta Design

Overall length: 38' 6"

Overall beam: 22' 2''

Draft: 4' 5''

Mast clearance: 60' 5''

Light displacement (EEC): 11 t

Square top mainsail (opt): 511 sq. ft

Self-tacking jib: 364 sq. ft

Optional Code 0: 706 sq. ft

Fresh water capacity: 79 US Gal (plus 79 US Gal option)

Fuel capacity: 2 x 56 US Gal.

Engine: 2 x 29 HP

IEEC certification: A:10; B:12; C:16; D:20



lagoon catamaran


About Lagoon Catamarans

Lagoon Catamarans is the world leader in sailing catamaran cruisers. Lagoon has been building luxury catamarans since 1984 and has kept developing its offer to satisfy all your expectations with a range of boats going from 38' to 78'. The key strengths of the Lagoon brand are its guiding principles: good design, high-quality construction, and better-than-average performance.

Lagoon catamarans are designed by internationally renowned architects Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prevost (VPLP), world leaders in multihull yacht design. The Lagoon development team is responsive to customer feedback and they continue to set the standards for catamaran development, styling and innovation.


Visit All Lagoon Catamaran Models

Exclusive To Lagoon Catamarans: Customize Your Interior Decor!

lagoon catamaran interior

Try this tool out and visualize your custom interior design of your boat!

Lagoon offers a helpful (and very cool) tool on their website to make it easier for prospective Lagoon cat buyers to visualize how their potential boats will be constructed. The tool called Lagoon Catamaran Online Configurator gives you a look at what your boat will look like on the inside after you customize your interior options..

With just a few clicks, you select the model you’re interested in, the color of the cabinetry, flooring and upholstery, and the interior layout then...voila! You get to see what your Lagoon will look like!

ALERT: Spare Parts from Beneteau USA for Lagoon Catamarans

If you are a Lagoon catamaran owner, you can now use the Beneteau USA spare parts catalogue. For many years, sourcing spare parts for your Lagoon catamaran has been a real sticking point for a lot of owners. Well, no more! Lagoon has opened up a conduit for the Lagoon owner to order their spare parts directly from the factory using the Beneteau USA spare parts website. Read More>>

Lagoon Catamarans Brokerage

Catamaran Guru™ can represent you if you are in the market for a pre-owned Lagoon. Being represented by a professional brokerage house does not add a penny to the yacht purchase price. Yes, the buyer's broker is totally free to the buyer. So why not work with your own broker who will work for you when looking to buy a boat?Search our Global Catamaran Search for pre-owned Lagoon Catamarans.

Charter Programs & Tax Programs

Catamarans have become so popular in the last ten years that the demand far outweighs the supply. This is both good and bad. Catamarans retain their value far better and for far longer than monohulls because we just don't have enough of them. The bad thing is that new catamarans are becoming more and more expensive. We therefor are constantly trying to find ways to reduce the cost of ownership for our clients. Learn about our charter yacht management programs and business yacht ownership programs.


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lagoon 39 catamaran

lagoon 39 catamaran saloon dining

lagoon 39 catamaran side profile 

Lagoon 39 Catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

Specifications | Brochure

Overall length 38'6''

Length on waterline 37'10''

Overall beam 22'3''

Draft 4'

Sail area Standard 821 sq.ft

Engine 2 x 20 hp sail drive

Interior finish Alpi grey oak and laminated Milano oak for the wood floor

Naval architects Marc Van Peteghem / Vincent Lauriot Prévost

Interior designer Nauta Design

Applied for CE certification A for 10 persons

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Lagoon Catamaran marks a whole new era in the design of the new Lagoon 39. One of the major changes to Lagoon's new 39 is that the mast is located much further aft than on most catamarans which, according to the designers, improves performance and considerably reduces pitching. The interior and exterior living areas are designed with continuous horizontal and fluent lines to merge inside/outside living spaces into one for more spaciousness and improved safety.

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