Examples Of Crewed Charter Yacht Programs

Live-Aboard Owner/Operators

The idea is that the boat owners live aboard and operate their own catamaran as an independent charter business. We have helped several couples set their catamarans up in a crewed charter business. There are two different ways to do that:

  • The first is being associated with a charter company that has the benefit of a robust booking system and good support through the charter company’s infrastructure. This is a huge benefit and we recommend this particularly in your first year to lessen risks and flatten the learning curve as you get to know the business.

Learn How Owner Operators on SEA IO did it!

YouTube video
  • The second option is to operate your crewed boat independently and rely on independent charter booking agents to bring charter business.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. It is something the owner calculates with advice from a buyer’s broker like Stephen at Catamaran Guru to decide which would be best for them.

These crewed charter programs enable couples to live their dream while creating a strong business and paying off their future cruising boat.

Successful Charter Management Dream Caribbean Blue

YouTube video

These two dynamic sailing teams are two such couples that we helped set up in a live-aboard owner/operator crewed charter business:

According to Nim & Fabiola: “…this experience has far exceeded anything we could ever have imagined!


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