Types of Crewed Charter Programs

Fully Crewed Luxury Charter Yacht

Crewed yacht Charter Sail Luna

A professional paid crew maintains and runs your catamaran as a small business in the location of your choice. The owner enjoys all the benefits of a crewed yacht while offsetting a significant part of the cost of ownership through charter income. The costs of owning a luxury charter yacht are significantly reduced through tax advantages and charter income. However, the owner’s day-to-day involvement will be less intense, as your crew will be managing the “business”.

We have sold many large catamarans (and on occasion big monohulls) into this program. The most popular big yachts that we have placed in this program is Lagoon Seventy7, Jeanneau 67, Bali 5.4, Lagoon 630 MY, FP Alegria 67.  In this case, we recommend a reputable charter yacht clearinghouse and marketing agency like  Nicholson Yachts or Charterworld to manage calendar, bookings, and marketing.

In the hands of the professionals, this luxury catamaran becomes a completely stand-alone business with a permanent crew.

A yacht charter management company will provide a comprehensive range of services to maximize the owners’ enjoyment of their yacht, minimize the risks and liabilities associated with yacht ownership, control the costs of yacht operations and protect the significant capital investment that a yacht represents.

crewed charter owners and crew of Allende catamaran

By-the-Cabin Charter Yacht Program

Charter companies like The Moorings and Dream Yacht offer “By-the-Cabin” charters on their bigger catamarans that enables charter guests to enjoy an all-inclusive luxury crewed charter for the price of a stateroom. The boat can also be reserved as a private charter for one party by booking all the cabins. It is very affordable and very popular with charterers.

The boat owner places the yacht into service with a crew with one of these companies. The charter company is responsible for bookings and management and the owners get to use the boat for up to eight weeks a year, fully crewed and catered. These programs normally run for 72 months and the owner is paid 8.5% guaranteed income per annum by the charter company and has no out-of-pocket expenses to operate the boat except to pay the mortgage.

Placing a new yacht into the program provides all the benefits of owning a deluxe sailing yacht minus the expense and challenges of traditional ownership. Typically, this program is reserved for large catamarans (over 50 feet). To optimize revenue, these boats can follow the sun into warmer waters to make year-round chartering possible. We have several owners in this program, operating very successfully in the Caribbean.

Crewed Yacht Business With Income & Tax Advantages

The combination of tax advantages and operating income provide opportunities to not only offset the costs of ownership, but also to create positive net worth through yacht ownership. To learn more about tax advantages and special financing for crewed yacht charters, call us at 1-804-815-5054 or email us for a consultation.

Catamarans Available In These Programs

Virtually any catamaran can operate in these programs but generally we recommend

  • Catamarans from 45 ft for owner/operators which generally will be a little more informal
  • Catamarans 50 ft and up for luxury professionally crewed charter

Catamaran Brands Suitable For Crewed Charter

We have access to all these brands and can help you with the finance, purchase, setting up of the business entity and with the management company / booking agents.



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