Catamaran Guru™ Top Ten Favorite List 2014

ethos e30We had fun picking out ten fun and cool things for sailors.

There is some "bling" for the girls, shoes for the boys and other cool gear and boats. Enjoy!



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Top Ten Tips For Ocean Passage Making

catamaran zuriStephen and I have made numerous ocean passages, some lasting only a few days and others several weeks at a time. The longest passage that we sailed was from Cape Town, South Africa via St. Helena Island to Fortaleza, Brazil in South America, and then Miami. It was a total of 42 days at sea.

It took an enormous planning effort. Not only did we have to plan the usual things like navigation, provisions, fuel, etc., but also, we were actively working while crossing, so we needed to have good communication. We used a software called OCENS with our Iridium Satellite phone to send and receive email and for making calls, as well as getting the weather forecast. That was back in 2005. Today it is much easier and cheaper to do. As we all know, good seamanship requires numerous preparations especially for successful ocean passage making. Stephen and I each have our own dedicated areas of responsibility to prepare the boat and the crew. That way we know what is expected of each crew member and there is no confusion about who did what. We then double check to make sure all items have been taken care of before we cast off. Our key planning activities are outlined below.

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The Top Ten Tips For Selling A Catamaran

tips for selling a catamaran fasterJust like a house, a catamaran needs some "sprucing up" before putting her on the market to get the best possible price. As we all know, first impressions are crucial and you should make every effort to make sure that the catamaran looks and smells clean, make sure that all electronics and engines are working well for seatrial and it should be easily accessible and all paperwork should be in order.

Don't do unnecessary "upgrades" before selling because not all upgrades will be a good return on investment. Find yourself a qualified and vetted broker and most importantly, price your boat realisticly if you are looking for a quick sale. Also go to our Boat Buying Guide & Tips for more tips like pre- survey checklist for yachts, sales and use tax, and reasons to list your boat with us.

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Top Ten Things to do on a BVI Yacht Charter

katlo-cruising-tortola-bviNOTE: Katlo sold to an lovely owner/operator couple who moved her base to the US Virgin Islands and they have since sold her again and retired. Below is an artcle written when she was a professionally crewed yacht.

I have received this fun post from our friends at Katlo Charters in the BVI. They happen to be one of our favorite crewed charter boats in the Caribbean (okay, we are a little biased since we sold the boat to Mackie and Kathy, but our accolades to the boat and crew are well deserved). We have just returned from a few days aboard Katlo, a Lagoon 450 in Sint Maarten (they usually operate in the BVI though). We were wowed by both Captain Patrick and the owners, Kathy and Mackie, with their devotion to having happy guests EVERY time, their attention to detail, and making this the ultimate fun vacation on a luxury catamaran for all their guests. Let us know what you think and feel free to add your favourite things to do while on charter in the BVI.

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Ten All-Natural Sunburn Remedies

aloe veraThere is nothing worse than a nasty sunburn after a day out on the water. Check out some truths about your sunscreen. Prevention is, of course, the best cure but we often have visitors on board who either forget to use sunscreen or miss some spots on their bodies like the tops of their feet, their ears or behind the neck. Even with ample protection, I can sometimes feel the sting of a wind burn on my face, chest and arms. We do our best to remind everyone to carefully apply a good sunblock liberally, drink plenty of water and wear hats but it seems there is always at least one casualty. A sunburn is a painful nuisance and can easily turn into a medical emergency, so be sure to consult your doctor for severe burns, blisters, dizziness and dehydration.

My SOS go-to product for sunburn is aloe vera, the fresher the better. If you can get the gel from the natural plant, even better. I always have a bottle of pure Aloe Vera Gel handy for sunburn "patients" on the boat. The gel or juice in the plant has soothing qualities, especially for burns and is antibacterial. Even hospitals use aloe vera for burn victims.

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