MOB Lifesaver

Man Overboard Lifesaver Device

man overboard lifesaverWe recently became acquainted with Duncan Wells, boating author and inventor of the MOB Lifesaver.

The simple, but innovative, device is ingenious so we wanted to share it with our fellow sailing enthusiasts.

MOB Lifesaver

The MOB Lifesaver is a spliced loop braided rope made from Dyneema, an incredibly strong polyethylene fiber. The device has a triangle handle in one end and a loop at the other for attaching to the lifting strop of the lifejacket. It may be installed with its pouch to keep the device close to the lifejacket or without the pouch so that the device deploys to float beside the person overboard.

The Lifesaver’s handle is easy to grab with a boat hook. When paired with a Harken retrieval system, the MOB Lifesaver makes bringing a man-overboard safer and less stressful.

Keep reading to view the video that demonstrates how the MOB Lifesaver is installed and works as well as how using the Harken retrieval system makes retrieval easy even when sailing short-handed.

YouTube video

Where to Buy MOB Lifesaver

Currently, the MOB Lifesaver is only available from UK sources. You may purchase directly from If purchasing outside the UK, contact them prior to ordering for pricing and postage.


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