Catamaran Guru Top Ten Favorite List 2014

ethos e30We had fun picking out ten fun and cool things for sailors.

There is some “bling” for the girls, shoes for the boys and other cool gear and boats. Enjoy!


The Helicat looks like a helicopter but it is actually just a seafaring catamaran that, for some reason, was fashioned to look like it came out of a James Bond movie. While it won’t be taking off to send riders soaring, the boat will let you ride through harsh waters at high speeds while remaining perfectly stable. The Helicat can be outfitted with a pair of 60hp to 90hp motors, allowing it to ride at top speeds of between 20 to 45 mph. VERY cool indeed.

 Pearl jewelryCalypso Sea Pearl and Leather Jewelry. This jewelry is made by one of our former sailing school students. Tanya is not only a diving instructor and photographer but also an incredible artist. She crafts high end jewelry from natural gems, ethnic beads and pearls. I absolutely love, love, love her jewelry.

Treat yourself to a subscription of the Cruising Outpost Magazine, now called Latitudes & Attitudes.. It’s the biker magazine for sailors. It has lots of very good information, great pictures and, Bob and Jodi, owners of the magazine are fun and interesting sailors who do a lot for the sailing community. 1 Year subscription is only $45.00!

used boat equipment website is a great place to find deals for your boat (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) is a favorite website of us here at Catamaran Guru. It has great used items for sale and you can list your own stuff to be sold. It is the place for boaters and the marine industry to buy and sell previously owned equipment. A great resource for boaters bybBoaters. Check it out.


We have discussed different types of anchors before but we have used the Rocna anchor for the last 2 years on or own boat in different conditions and seabeds, and its holding power is incredible. We cannot say enough good things about this anchor. It is pricey but worth every cent. As they say, it is cheap insurance.

Kite mosquito repellant

Kite make you invisible to mosquitos! The Kite Mosquito Patch offers an innovative approach, rendering you invisible to the tiny insects when stuck anywhere onto your clothing.They perform the neat trick by emitting non-toxic compounds that have been proven to block a mosquito’s carbon dioxide neurons, rendering them unable to track you as long as the compound remains active. This product will make a huge difference in places where malaria-carrying mosquitoes thrive in huge numbers, so for their crowdfunding project, ieCrowd allows backers to both order for themselves, as well as donate patches to families in Uganda. Pledges start at $10. Very cool!


The Ethos E30 modular boat, which lets you customize the deck layout any time you feel like it. Made by Italian boat builders Azure Embark, it uses an open deck layout with fixtures for attaching different panels that sufficiently change the way you can use the boat. You can leave it empty for hauling cargo, line it with rows of seats for use as a touring boat, throw on tables and benches for use as a recreational boat, and a whole load of other configurations. Pricing for the Ethos E30 starts at €148,500 for the boat with the detachable deck walls included. Adding modular components (like benches, cabinets, and appliances) will cost extra. Really cool!


Lemon & Line handcrafts nautically inspired bracelets and accessories. They use only marine grade materials and make clean, simple and very attractive rope bracelets. They debuted the original square knot bracelet in 2010 and now offer a large selection of styles and colors. It makes a great gift and it is well priced.

Custom boat shoe

Design Your Own Boat Shoes! Timberland allows you to design your own boat shoes in any and all colors, from the sole to the laces and even offers monogramming. If you can think it, you can make it. It is so fun and such a cool gift. Check it out on the Timberland custom design site.


MagicEzy Chip Fix: This innovative product was developed by MagicEzy CEO Warwick David Lindsay, It is designed to easily fix scratches in gelcoat with little skill or effort. This makes repairs as simple as filling the damage, smooth the area, and letting it dry. The result is an effective, water-resistant, permanent surface repair that can be sanded and drilled. “Repairing cosmetic damage to fiberglass boat surfaces has traditionally been a difficult, messy and time consuming job — and the results were often poor,” said Lindsay. “My 30 years refining automotive touch-up systems told me that there had to be a better way.” MagicEzy was born.


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